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Jesucrisis EP – JesucrisisI’m really glad with the high quality release from this remarkable Latin-American band. They are Jesucrisis from Chile, and their music is a perfectly balanced combination of Death rock and Gothic Rock; the result is an exciting sound which is really dark, very exciting, and well crafted.

This EP was made by real musicians with remarkable skills: The song writing and the execution are flawless, thus they have created this very enjoyable fusion of the gloomy excitement of Death Rock, and the elegant and sophisticated harmonies of the finest guitar-oriented Gothic Rock, spiced with those ominous keyboards. They sound like Christian Death meets Septima Sima, and this is good…really good indeed!

We can appreciate other influences in their music, but they have drawn a very distinctive style at the end. This E.P. was released almost two years ago and is really worth to have a listen.
“Cenizas” is pretty solid Gothic Rock; the combination of the strong-paced rhythm, fluent melody, and the influence of Rozz Williams in the vocal harmonies, is simply captivating. “Espectros” is vertiginous Death Rock; yes, this is true Death Rock of the New Millennium, and it is a real sucker punch right in the face of those mediocre, self-proclaimed “Death Rock “poser bands. This is real music!

“Necrologia Del Amor” has a ghostly waltz-paced rhythm; this is another track with some influence of Rozz Williams, and this is pretty well done. This song is very classy indeed. “Empireo Cismatico” is superb Post Punk-Gothic, flawlessly executed. And finally…The best! “Sangre Y Piel” is fascinating Gothic – Death Rock; they have displayed again their dominant mastery while combining both music styles.

Jesucrisis is an honest band, pose free, and they are one of the best Latin American bands because they are very talented artists; and they have real dark hearts. If you like Death Rock and Gothic Rock, don’t miss this one, it is a stunning release. ► by Daniel Olvera


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