Japan Suicide – Naked Skin (Official Video)

Japan Suicide is a post-punk / new-wave band from Italy whose new album, “We die in such a place”, has been released by the french record label Unknown Pleasures Records Naked Skin” is the first single off their new album. Japan Suicide was formed in 2007, taking inspiration from the British post-punk echoes of the 1970s. Japan Suicide‘s debut album “Mothra” was released in 2010. Following several live performances, the band changed members. They auto-produced an EP and the video clip of the single “Nothing”, directed by Francesco Brunotti. The band currently includes five members.

Francesco Brunotti, the music video director – who’s worked with bands such as Mushy, Bestial Mouths, Drifting In Silence, ‪∆AIMON, Calibro 35, and many more – has already teamed up with the band for another previous music video / single, “Nothing”. So, having already worked together, we decided to focus once again on the motion design / 2D animation technique we used for the band’s previous work.

This time, though, I tried to recreate a classic gothic fairytale: so there’s a classic storyline too, with the main character who’s back from the dead,wandering among graveyards, woods, and an evil town, looking for the woman he loves. Will he make it? Will they finally manage to get back together ? Nobody knows that, until the very final moments of the video, when a classic, sudden plot twist happens, changing the ending in an unexpected way.

Of course, the “gothic” approach draws inspiration from the music and lyrics of the song: it felt pretty natural to create all these dark settings for the video. The aforementioned technique that was used for “Naked Skin” is a mix between 2D animation and collage animation – especially the settings -, while all the characters are hand drawn. Overall, this video can be seen as a tribute to all those classic old school, gothic, darkish 2D animation videos that were made back in the days.

Directed by : Francesco Brunotti (www.francescobrunotti.com)


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