Interview with The Stompcrash

THE STOMPCRASHInterview with The Stompcrash (the first two questions conducted by email, due to the tape snapping after the original interview was conducted)

Raven and The Gothicfox (Andy):  You’ve done a number of collaborations on your songs, do you have plans for any more?

The Stompcrash (Chris): We don’t know, we are working on new songs and we will see what will come out. We usually don’t plan collaboration, we just feel that when we write the right song for that. We love collaborations, it’s a wonderful sensation when you hear a song you wrote sang by another singer bringing his interpretation and feeling. I think past collaborations have worked very well especially on “Duality” where Andrew brought all his talent in it. I remember that the first time we wrote the song’s melodies I thought immediately to The Last Cry and I tried to write lyrics to fit Andrew’s voice and mine so I sent the song to Andrew asking him for a collaboration, it was very simple to work with them, they’re nice and professional guys.

Raven and The Gothicfox (Andy):  Will Sacrosanct be your first gig in the UK?

The Stompcrash (Chris): No, it’s not our first gig in UK, we played in UK for the first time in 2013, we planned a mini tour of 4 gigs one of these in Leeds with The Last Cry (it’s the fourth time we play together) and was a great experience where we met a lot of nice people. We came with a caravan and not a lot of money, was at first an adventure and we had also a couple of days off to explore Scotland that we enjoyed a lot. We even tried to spot Nessie but we weren’t lucky

Raven and The Gothicfox (Andy):  There are 3 other Italian bands at this year’s sacrosanct. Do you all know one another and have you ever performed with each other?

The Stompcrash (Chris): Err we know just Yabanci, err because Valerio was err, we had a collaboration with err Valerio’s label Swiss Dark Nights and err we met just yesterday Winter Severity Index they are from Rome, but err, we never met before, and we know Horror Vacui just by name, I see them just one time in Milan live, but err never met before never played together. There are a lot of bands in Italy, there is not a real gothic scene though. You don’t meet the bands in your Country, because there is not a scene and not a lot of places where we play

Raven and The Gothicfox (Andy):  Ahh we have just gone on to the next question so we may as well carry on, so the scene is still very fragmented and there is not much of a scene?

The Stompcrash (Chris): No, no, no there is a scene but is very not for live music, just to show your style, your new clothes. So you can play, but the people arrive after the show, they are not interested in the live music.

Raven and The Gothicfox (Mike): We’ve noticed this in England. We go to see a band and there are 20-30 people, but then we go to a club and there are 70 -80 people just to dance, not to watch the live bands and it is all Sisters of Mercy, The Mission, The Nephilim

The Stompcrash (Chris): Yes always the same stuff, always the same 30 year old songs. For a new band it is a real problem because new songs are not played. I think that the role of DJ’s is to spread the music of new bands, not to play always the same stuff from 30 years ago.

Raven and The Gothicfox (Andy):  I think it’s quite refreshing when you get people like Martin (oldgoth), the mixcloud DJ’s like Sound in the Attic, bandcamp, that introduce new music

The Stompcrash (Chris): Yeah yeah sure, it is not for all DJ’s, but a lot of them are still playing the old stuff

Raven and The Gothicfox (Andy):  Ok, right we are now on to the last question, personally who are you looking forward to seeing at this festival and who have you enjoyed so far?

The Stompcrash (Chris): The strongest performance, I think are The Last Cry and for tonight I am curious to see Whispers in the Shadow and The Last Dance. They are not what I prefer musically, but I am interested in seeing Whispers in the Shadow. But I think will be very difficult to better The Last Cry, because they are a very, very, very strong band really, we saw them four years ago and now they are better, better, better. They have grown. You just have to see the face of Andy when he sings, because he is very emotional.

I can’t speak for the first day because we didn’t arrive, but they tell me that Horror Vacui did a great show, but we just saw yesterday.

Raven and The Gothicfox (Andy):  Well Thank you ever so much for doing the interview and we wish you fell for the future


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