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A saying about Dark Side Cowboys goes “DSC is a society of artists or fools, the listener’s choice”. The band formed back in 1993 and has been going strong ever since, releasing nine studio albums. DSC are considered one of Sweden’s foremost acts on the alternative-scene and early pressings of the debut-album “The Apocryphal” is nowadays a rare collector’s’ item, a “classic”, as well as the “Disclosure” album from Nangijala Records.

The music itself is hard to categorize and DSC use many different kind of media in order to create the right concepts. Many DSC-releases are made up like soundtracks to films and the dedicated fans can even find scripts or excerpts to the stories, all written by DSC.

DSC have created a truly unique sound during the years and the critics have found it hard to file DSC under a certain category. It’s like DSC have created their very own genre, although most critics claim the music to belong in the “alternative” category – related to gothic/darkwave/industrial sounds.

Between 1995 and 2003 DSC released 6 studio albums, a number of singles and contributed to loads of compilations. The most well known release is probably the 2001 album “Believe”, containing the hit single “New Religion”. The band also played live frequently and has done several tours throughout Scandinavia. After a performance in 2006 suddenly the band stopped touring and releasing material.

In 2012 DSC reappeared on the live stages, starting out at the Nostalgia-festival in Malmö. In 2013 the band celebrated 20 years and did so by releasing a new studio album with remakes of old songs, re releasing some back catalogue and of course playing live (for example alongside Fields of the Nephilim). The Cowboys also did selected gigs during 2014, for example with the Oratorie Choir and an acoustic mini tour through northern Sweden. 2014 also saw the release of 2 more albums in the “Chronicles” series and a single called “Circles” on popular demand.

In 2015 the riders went on a raid across Scandinavia hitting 17 cities and villages in Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Also rumours spread that new music was finally coming from the dark side of the prairie…

The story has already been continued.


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