Interview with Long Night


Long NightRaven and The Gothicfox (Andy): Absolute honour to meet you guys, thanks ever so much for taking the time to speak to us.

There is a lot of anticipation over your debut release just from the 2-3 tracks that have already been issued, do you have any time frame for when we can expect this release to be finally with us?

Long Night (Østen Bergøy): We are planning an EP, errr before Christmas and then an album around February, hopefully. We are working in Tommy’s studio and sometimes things take a longer time than expected. The songs are basically ready, it’s just a case of getting down and doing it.

Raven and The Gothicfox (Andy):
Right, ok thank you.

On to Question 2; have you all played in the UK before in any of your previous bands?

Long Night (Tommy): Loads of times.

Raven and The Gothicfox (Mike): What even with The Morendoes, damn!

Long Night (Tommy): Errr Elusive, on The Mission tour in 2005 I think we did 19, 19 gigs.

Raven and The Gothicfox (Mike): Ah OK, how about the rest of you?

Long Night (Østen Bergøy): Err I’ve been here with Tristania in 2006.

Raven and The Gothicfox (Mike): Ah right, I really like Tristania.

Long Night (Østen Bergøy): (laughs) right, yes together with Nightwish, in London Manchester and also in Scotland I think, Glasgow. I think we had 5 gigs together.

Long Night (Arni): I have not been in the UK before, this is my first time, so I’m looking forward to it.

Raven and The Gothicfox (Mike):: (To Eva who was with them) how about you?

Long Night (Eva): (Everyone laughing) Not me no!.

Raven and The Gothicfox (Andy): How did the invite to Sacrosanct 2015 come about for you guys?

Long Night (Tommy): Dave on messenger saying he heard two of the tracks and asked if we wanted to play, so he is guilty of the whole thing because suddenly we had to start rehearsing and getting ready to play live.

Raven and The Gothicfox (Mike):I mean, that’s pretty good isn’t it, two tracks and you get invited to play! That is some going!.

Long Night (all): (Laughing) yeah.

Raven and The Gothicfox (Andy): Some people will listen to two albums and think yes let’s get these guys, but two tracks, that speaks a lot about you!.

Raven and The Gothicfox (Mike): Well they are brilliant tracks though, ‘Winter’ is the best track I’ve heard in a long time.

Raven and The Gothicfox (Andy): Yeah it is really fantastic music. OK, who else are you personally looking forward to seeing at Sacrosanct this year?

Long Night (Tommy): For me it is pretty much everything, I am usually a bit on off with everything the music, but when I’m on then its like oh everything and ill be checking out most of the bands. Well I’ve checked out all of the bands, so it is going to be fun to see. It looks like there is a lot of good stuff going on.

Raven and The Gothicfox (Mike): How about the rest of you?.

Long Night (Østen Bergøy): It’s the same for me actually I’m looking forward to the whole concert, all of the bands

Long Night (Arni). I’m pretty new into this goth kind of music (laughs) in general so I’m looking forward to seeing all of the bands, but we are not staying on the Sunday, but today and tomorrow I will at least have a look at all of the bands and find any new favourites!

Raven and The Gothicfox (Andy): Well thank you very much guys and we look forward to seeing your show tomorrow

Long Night (all): (Laughing) thank you guys.


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