Interview with Last Dusk

last dusk bandRaven and The Gothicfox (Andy): Day 3 of the Sacrosanct festival, and here we are in our hotel room with Last Dusk. Can you tell us a bit more about how your formed and how long ago this well

Last Dusk (Carfax): Well I formed this band in 2011 and it was very funny because at the beginning it was like only a studio project, we never expected to play live. After looking at all of the recordings we started to like it more and more and we decided to take it on to the stage. It was difficult as always to find the musicians and the band has been changing and changing with members since then and well actually the line-up you will be seeing today with Stephanie on drums and Fico on guitars is like the ultimate and definitive version of the band.

Raven and The Gothicfox (Mike): So how long has the band been together with this line up?

Last Dusk (Carfax): With this final version, the definitive one, it will be like 6 months. We can say, this is Last Dusk we really like what we are doing and these guys love what they are doing. They are as much perfectionists as I am and they understand how working as a team works.

Raven and The Gothicfox (Andy):  How did the offer come about to play Sacrosanct this year?

Last Dusk (Carfax): It is part of all the mysterious things that are always moving around this band, I started to have contact with Mr Damian Gibbs from Deadfall, errm maybe 2 years ago. I started helping him, he gave me a job, errm some kind of manager, I can’t recall the actual title, after that he asked me to be his A&R and I’ve been making some noisy work around him and he promised me, and this needs to be heard by everyone, that Mr Damian Gibbs is a man of his word. He promised he would bring Last Dusk to the UK to play someday and he did. I think it was maybe in December last year he told me at night would you like to come to the UK? I was like in shock, being a young band, well i’m not a young musician, but really it was like the ultimate opportunity for us, go and play abroad from your country in this huge festival. I see it like that it is the best Goth rock festival in Europe. Then the next day Dave from Vendemmian announcing our appearance on December 6th, but at the moment I didn’t have a complete band, but then my girlfriend said Stephanie said, ‘I will be the drummer, I really want to do this and she always told I don’t care what we need to do, we will get there and here we are.

Raven and The Gothicfox (Andy):  Wow, that is some determination! So Stephanie had never played drums before a year ago?

Last Dusk (Carfax): No, No she was not involved with music and was into sport, like in-line skating, she was going to competitions and doing all this physical stuff like aerobic ribbon dancing and she has always done that. Things that you need to concentrate on to be really good, like playing drums. She always learns fast with whatever she takes on.

Raven and The Gothicfox (Mike): Is she doing 10 minute drum solo’s yet?

Last Dusk (Carfax): All laughing, no, no drum solos.

Raven and The Gothicfox (Andy):  Now as you have come a long way to come here, we are assuming you have not brought all of your own gear with you, so whose will you be using?

Last Dusk (Carfax): Umm we are using Dave’s stuff. He told me he is going to give us a complete drum kit and the only thing we need to bring is the drummer and her drumsticks. A guitar, he told me he is going to give us his personal guitar and says that nobody in the world can handle his guitar, let’s see what happens. But we are grateful for anything and will play onstage with anything.

Raven and The Gothicfox (Mike): Air Guitar?

Last Dusk (Carfax): (Laughing) Air guitar, yes we can do that!, In Costa Rica we have cheap instruments so if we can play on those any will be welcome. The instrument is only that, it is what is inside you that matters.

Raven and The Gothicfox (Andy): As you have only completed this line up within the last 6 months, have you been able to play any gigs back in Costa Rica together?

Last Dusk (Carfax): Err, well 3 gigs with the former members. Our first was on a bill with other local bands, it was pretty fine and went really nice, 2nd gig was fine a few people there and the last gig was the worst ever. It was a really rainy day and we were playing to like 8 people. The funny thing was the guitarist at the time said not to worry we won’t play in a place like this again. I was ok with the place, but it had a bad sound. I said the next time Last Dusk play, we will play outside of the Country and they were like ‘yeah sure’. Then in December we got this gig and i asked them if they would come to the UK to play and they were like ‘yeah yeah we will’. They are not here, but Stephanie and Fico are because they did believe me.

Raven and The Gothicfox (Andy): Ok last question who have you enjoyed already at Sacrosanct and who are you looking forward to seeing tonight?

Last Dusk (Carfax): Well I liked all of the bands, but my favourite was Horror Vacui. I will ask Stephanie and Fico too.

Stephanie, she liked Stompcrash and Horror Vacui but Long Night was her favourite and Horror Vacui for our guitar player. They have a really, really strong stage presence and I don’t know if you saw this when the drummer broke his stool and carried on playing standing up and the way they connected their songs from one to the other was awesome. I really, really like punk rock. Today I know Stephanie is waiting for Yabanci and it is pretty awesome that we are here to watch them live and play after them. And of course the huge Whispers in the Shadows, I am a big fan of them and I really looking forward to seeing them and we are like opening for them. It is a dream being a Goth Rocker from Costa Rica and being able to see all of these bands live, it is a pretty great experience

Raven and The Gothicfox (Andy): Yes it has been fantastic so far and we look forward to seeing you add to the 2015 legacy! Thank you very much for the interview.


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