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Kristian-MiazmaIt hasn’t been many years since I discovered this band thanks to one of my Spanish mates. When I was living in the coast of Spain, away from the Madrilian goth nights, Laura sent me a Myspace link and she told me “you should listen to this band.” I was so impressed with their catchy elements of their music and I didn’t know anything about them. The name Miazma grew so fast among the people who follow this kind of music. It took me a while to find out that Miazma wasn’t a band, it was a solo project. 6 years later here is an interview with the creator of Miazma, Kristian Olofsson, and if I’m not mistaken, probably this is his first interview ever. It would be a little bit rough if I made this interview myself, because I will release their album, but Daniel Olvera made an interesting interview with him. Hope you enjoy it.

Miazma is one of those names of the underground who really needs to be listened to.

Oskar Terramortis

Back in 2011, I listened to your music for the first time; and I get really impressed since then. In that year you released “Dressed In Black”, what can you tell about the previous releases?

Kristian Olofsson: The first release, “Judgement Day”, was really an experiment and a big step away from the kind of music I had been doing previously and since I didn’t actually have a guitar the resulting sound was a bit different. The one after that, “17”, was the result of me buying a guitar and discovering Sisters of Mercy (like 15 years too late). “Shattered” was basically what “Judgement Day” should have been, and the same thing goes for “Dollar Rush”, an evolution of what I had been doing with “17”.

Your sound has great definition and a unique style, Who are your all-time favorite bands?

Kristian Olofsson: That would probably be Sisters of Mercy & Type o Negative.

Is actually Miazma a solo project? Do you have collaborators for live-shows? Or you are focused in only produce and release records?

Kristian Olofsson: Yes, it is just me. I write, record & everything else. I have never had the urge to stand on stage and perform… and besides that I would have to be severely drunk to be able to beat my stage fright, and that wouldn’t end well.

All of your previous work is self released?

Kristian Olofsson: Yes.

What is your personal description of the sound of Miazma?

Kristian Olofsson: The sound of Miazma is the result of me doing music that I want to listen to, which sometimes can make it a bit eclectic. I’m not in on the whole genre thing but if people ask me I usually call it “some form of Goth rock”. I’m sure there are people who would object and call it something else with increasingly complicated arguments as to what is and isn’t one thing or another… but I really don’t care. I’m not saying I don’t care what people think of my music but the technical debate about genres seems very limiting, especially when someone ignores or rejects music just because it doesn’t fit a certain mold.

There’s a deal with Gothic Music, which has been recently announced. Please, some words about it

miazma - miazmaKristian Olofsson: You mean the Gothic Music Records thing? Well, Oskar approached me wanting to release a limited edition collection of my songs. I gave him a preview of some of my new unreleased songs so the track list grew a bit and it will include four new songs as well.

After this release, what’s next? What about new songs and further plans for a new full-length?

Kristian Olofsson: I’m always recording new stuff, and the ones that I think is suitable for being released in the name of Miazma I put away until I have collected enough to make a release out of it. I have previously released songs as of when they were finished (prior to Dollar Rush) but I stopped doing that since I felt that it compromised the “new”-feeling of the that release, people had heard too much of the stuff on the album.
So, I can’t really say that I have any plans of when and what, but more will come.

The social media is quite a big change for promotion at world-wide scale. What can you say the feedback from people around the world?

Kristian Olofsson: I suck at self-promotion. If you look at the news page of my website you will find the posts are few and far between, but that’s just the way I am. It doesn’t get better with social media, which is why I previously haven’t had a Facebook page as it requires constant updating to stay interesting but at the same time I want to be available where people might look for my music. That is the same reason why I decided to release “Dressed in black” on iTunes, Spotify and so son.

Your music is very catchy and exciting; you have done a great work. What can you say about your lyrics?

MIAZMAKristian Olofsson: For some reason my lyrics often revolves around tragedy, pain and despair. Emotions that can drive people into doing things they “normally” never would have, whether it be to themselves or others. It isn’t a literal reflection of who I am, but our ability to do both good and unspeakable things under certain circumstances as well as the absoluteness of death is something I find interesting.

Do you have some plans for live shows in the future?

Kristian Olofsson: No

What music are you currently listening? Your personal top 10 including new bands?

Kristian Olofsson: Well, I listen to whatever my ears agree with, not specific genres or bands so if I sort my music library by “latest played” I get everything from “R.E.M – Losing my religion” to “Deathstars – Synthetic Generation”.

What will be your 10 personal favorite albums?

Kristian Olofsson: I wouldn’t be able to pick 10.

Your personal objectives as a musician-artist, for the near future?

Kristian Olofsson: I don’t really know what you mean by “personal objectives” but at the moment I’m busy preparing tracks for the CD release.

Some hint about the next step in the evolution of the music of Miazma?

Kristian Olofsson: Well, the current new stuff I’m working on is pretty similar to what I did on “Dressed in black” but you never know. I do a lot of different stuff of which most is never released but every now and then something more unusual crosses over to my Miazma songs.

And finally, some words for the readers of Gothic Rock.com

Kristian Olofsson: Thanks for reading, and if you are interested you can find my music for free at http://www.miazma.se


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