Interview With Jyrki Witch – TWO WITCHES 30 Years Jubilee

Those were the days – 30 years of Two Witches, pt. 1

Let’s start sharing memoirs from the very beginning. It was 1987 when Anne Nurmi and I found an idea to form a band together. Or actually, THE band. Originally called Noidat, but very soon changed to more well-known name… Two Witches.

This photo is from our first promo session, taken by Jana (of Advanced Art). Anne and I had a small clothes and records store, called Darklands, located in the central of our hometown, Tampere. It was a place for the local gothic scene to hang around and our first photo shoot was also taken in our shop.

The cover of our first vinyl EP is from the same session, but I do not remember if we ever used this one here.

Those were the days – 30 years of Two Witches, pt. 2

The second photo session.
Even if Anne Nurmi and I started the band as a duo and also named the band as Two Witches, we noticed quite soon it would sound better if we add some more musicians within.
We did the first concerts as a duo, same as the first recordings and promo videos (both with a little help from our label fellows, Advanced Art). But the whole time we were looking for a bigger line-up.

This second photo shoot was done with a line-up guitarist Jakke Hallikainen (also known from Kaaos and Kuolleet Kukat. R.I.P.), keyboardist Reeta (Advanced Art), Anne and me. The photos were taken by Vince and the location was Pyynikki, Tampere.


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