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How did the recruitment of Simon Rippin and Stephen Carey come about for Sacrosanct and just what does it mean to have them now want to remain a part of GIG’s latest evolution

PETE: Steve was always going to play, we had asked Steve a while back and he was only too willing. At first I asked Steve if he would help with backing and guitars, but being Steve he was only too happy to help and the thought of him playing was put forward. We then started sorting guitars for the backing and when Steve could play with us.

Si was different he met Thomas T Cat and respected his drumming, they got on well so when T sadly past away GIG was left with gigs booked and no drummer. Si kindly agreed to take over and we are all so thankful to him, I am so proud to have all of the members on board as they are all great musicians and great friends.

TRON: Pete was the one who laid the foundations for this but my god am I glad. Steve and Simon are truly gifted musicians and the fact they will be contributing to the writing with both Switch and of course Pete is a really exciting prospect for me. The full band I think will allow our sound to evolve more so and I am excited by the possibilities it brings to song writing 🙂

What does 2016 hold out for you, can we expect a new release?

PETE: It holds a massive amount of promise, we are already planning when to get together to start writing. We started last rehearsal, and all of us are desperate to get new songs written and out.

SWITCHBLADE: And if we are lucky some gigs around Europe, we love to play live.

TRON: I really hope Grooving in Green can deliver a new release next year – plans are already forming!

Who were you personally looking forward to seeing at Sacrosanct 2015?

PETE: October People and Stompcrash but unfortunately failed to see both.

SWITCHBLADE: A lot of people to be honest, most of them were friends only on Facebook till Sacro, it was a pleasure to meet so great musicians and people becoming real friends.

TRON: Like Pete said – managed to miss October People which was a shame but Horror Vacui were very cool.

How did it feel to be the band that got this amazing festival off to a flying start?

PETE: It felt great to be back on stage but more so looking at the people I was sharing the stage with, all are extremely talented and a great bunch of people. I felt extremely proud.

SWITCHBLADE: It was the first gig with GIG for me and the first gig in UK too! I was really excited! And really proud at the end! I will remember this experience for longtime as one of best in my life.

TRON: Honestly I think for 90% of the day or so I solely said the word “fear!” as it had been so long since the last gig but as soon as the band started playing again the fear left and it just felt right to give it 100% and remind everyone the opening band isn’t always one to miss 😉

We all know how tough this year has been for the band, but off the back of a stunning opening slot at Sacrosanct and the aforementioned recruitment of Si and Stephen can we expect GIG to incorporate different styles or keep true to the strong sound of past songs?

PETE: It has been tough but sadly that is life, in truth since Steve was first involved on the Post Traumatic Stress album, he has been integral in refining our sound. It was one of the main issues with our previous live shows; we were unable to create that live. Especially if you consider Steve played additional guitars on both releases and in full for Rebirth. As a band GIG will write in the same way, it is the sum of its parts, the individual elements combine to create the sound. We have our sound it can be refined but it will always have the elements we know and love so look forward to more of the same. However with Si and Steve on board we have two exceptionally talented individuals to add to the mix.

SWITCHBLADE: I have the honor to play with great musicians, everyone will give their personal contribute and we all love to jam and compose in the studio, need to see what happens but I am sure that a cool new album is coming.

TRON: Hoping for an evolution of our songs – more of a natural live feeling to the songs with expanded atmosphere but still keeping the hooks and personal/political lyrics all being well 🙂


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