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COME-WITH-REVERSE3 years ago one of the bands who dig very deep in my head, was born. The Greek guys of Come With Reverse released their self-titled debut album which has had very good reviews. One of the things that caught me is that they occasionally sound like Dronning Maud Land. A young band with a huge talent to be exposed. They have created their own sound, starting from a few basic influences. If they continue the line of their music, they will be one of the greatest bands of this decade. One of the particularities of their sound is that they mix the gothic atmospheres with progressive elements, which is quite exotic, and something fresh in this new wave. Here are some word from Come With Reserve.  ►by Oskar Terramortis

The first obligated question to you is how did the band come out? As far as I know you don’t have any demos.

CWR: We were good friends for quite some time. We studied and loved music but never got to play together. A couple of years ago we felt the need to play music together. First of all we started playing some covers and then in time we felt the need to create our own music. The great chemistry between us helped a lot on that and these facts gave birth to CWR.

How are the reactions of the people of the media and fans in Greece?

CWR: Here in Thessaloniki, there is no response in this music genre. This is the reason why our first live was in Athens – where we supported Inkubbus Sukkubus – and not in Thessaloniki, our hometown. Especially the media – except a few sites – do not care about that kind of music. Radios are doing nothing to help promote bands like CWR. As for the fans (most of them in Athens) they are really warm about the band’s music and we thank them and love them for that. They are interested in CWR and what will be our next work.

One of the aspects that make you a different band is the structure of you music. It sounds goth, but it also sounds prog. In my opinion your musical proposal is, let’s say, unique and risky at the same time. How do you feel about that?

CWR: We are influenced by difficult structures of music (from all genres). That’s why we felt the need to do something new in pop (popular) music. We didn’t start as a goth band, but we composed the music that comes from within. We try to combine different timbers from guitar and keyboards (that’s the risky part). It was clear from the beginning that the ‘metal’ sound was out of the question. We love the crunchy guitars melted with industrial-prog or even trance synth sounds. The truth is that it is not what materials you use but mostly how you use them. Of course we like to experiment a lot with the structural form of the songs. Rarely we are being traditional using the classical ‘rondo’ form. We know that this maybe is against us because people are finding it hard to follow the elements of our songs but is something that is a kind of a need for us. Of course lyrics are also very important to us. We try a more poetic approach. The results of all these processes is our music! It is dark and atmospheric because that’s who we really are deep inside and we always listened to dark-‘heavy’ music from all genres.

At the moment, how is the international media responding to your debut?

CWR: Its really positive, and that’s an honor of us. We received great feedback from countries all over the world. We are being played in radio shows and this is very important. The reviews we have got are very positive and we feel happy that our efforts have been recognized.

A lot of people don’t believe that you have only played one gig as a band. Your debut gig was as the opening band for Inkubus Succubus. There’s no doubt that you are very talented musicians. How did that gig feel?

CWR: We also don’t believe that! Greece is not the perfect place for such gigs, that’s why we search the opportunity abroad. We are passionate with our music and we are willing to spread it abroad. We were so anxious to give our first live in Greece and meet our fans that when the opportunity with Inkubus Succubus came we were thrilled. We knew the band and really wanted to play with them. The gig was great. It was our first and we were supporting Inkubus Succubus but did not feel any nervous. We were so confident about our music that we left the stage very satisfied. We wanted to give our best in order our fans and the audience to enjoy our music and our passion. From the feedback we got we did a good job! And we will continue like that! It is a unique feeling supporting great bands and most of all sharing your music with your fans.

With this particular sound that you have, I would like to know which bands inspire you?

CWR: We have received classical music education and are influenced by all genres of music. We don’t have specific influences, we love so many bands but we are not influenced by specific ones. Every piece of music we have listened to – and we are talking for a Lot of music- has played a role in our musical- and not only- personality. Our sound simply emerges from our personalities… from who we are.

I had the opportunity to listen 5 of the new tracks and I can say you are going forward very fast. What are your near future plans for the band?

CWR: We believe that our second album will kick asses and we have already material for our third album, but we need a record label to support us. What is more we also want to play as many lives as we can.

One of the aspects that make your debut more magical is the cover art. Can you tell us something about it? I think the music and that image are a perfect combination.

CWR: Contemporary relationships are industrialized and the mask symbolizes that people are not sincere in our times.

What can you tell us about the goth scene in your country?

CWR: Goth music in our country is not so strong, but three or four bands try to keep the flame alive.

You’re a very young band, we can say you are like a baby, but your debut was labeled as one of the EPs of the year, in my opinion. Are you satisfied with the final result of the album, or would you like to change something in it?

CWR: We feel that for our first album its exactly what we wanted, Keep in mind that it has been produced by us. We have a motto “we never look back”.

Which bands would you like to share the stage with in the future?

CWR: We want to give as many lives as possible, but it would be a great chance for us to play in festivals alongside with bands such as: Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim, Merciful Nuns and Red Sun Revival.

ABOUT this New Wave
Can you tell us what are your favorite albums of the new millennium?

Fields of the Nephilim – Mourning Sun
Dronning Maud Land – Bedlam
Garden of Delight – Radiant Sons
Ikon – Destroying The World To Save It
Elusive – Destination Zero

Do you have any favorite artist or band in this new millennium?

CWR: We believe that very good efforts are coming out from the third wave bands such as Red Sun Revival, Salvation AMP, The Beauty of Gemina.

What do you think about the revival of old school and the new wave?

CWR: In our opinion, music evolves through the past, so that’s a great thing to happen. In contrary, artists of the new millennium should not have stereotypes for the sound of their music. They ought to be more experimental and try new things according to their musical personality. Keep in mind that as music technology evolves, artists should follow that in order to accomplish new sounds with their instruments and of course new recording techniques.



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