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Ikon – Everyone Everything Everywhere Ends


Ikon ‎– Everyone Everything Everywhere EndsFinally, it took me two weeks, i found the opportunity to listen, in full, to the new Ikon album and write a little review on it. Being a huge Ikon fan i am prejudiced, but here it is anyway.

This is an album that grasps you by the throat from the very start : after a (lame) intro, “Rise and Fall” blasts through the speakers. This is the kind of song that definitively makes it in the top 10 of Ikon‘s bests songs ever! My next and album favorite is “The Cruel”. I heard Christian Death, NIN and even Tool in it.

This is not your typical Ikon album and, as Chris already states in the album notes, you clearly hear the bands and music styles that influenced him through his musical career. Another great example is Black Noise, a very old school deathrock fling.

There are also some very personal and demure, but no less brilliant, songs on it like the first single “I burn for you”. The album even holds something for the Bieber fans among us : Stolen. The rhyme is this song is so over the top that, after hearing it a couple of times, it stays in your head like some silly Bieber tune. The best thing about this album however is that second CD.

This is definitively NOT a collection of left-overs but a valued addition that gives a better insight in the album as a whole. Best example is the instrumental version of Rise and fall that shows that the song doesn’t fade without vocals. A fine example of great songwriting. My favorite on it : “Predator”.

Although not their easiest one, this is, in my opinion, Ikon‘s best album in many years and probably even the best album they made so far.  Let’s hope that, as the title states, it’s doesn’t end here. ► by Damien Thorn


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