Horror Vacui – Return Of The Empire


Horror Vacui - Return Of The EmpireHorror Vacui have returned with a second LP entitled: Return of the Empire. Fans will be pleased to hear their distinguished vocals and catchy music right off the bat with its opening title track Return of the Empire. These Italian Deathrockers deliver full force for the song The Right Cure, a mayhem of speed and Goth rock that is sure to make a few death hawks bounce in unison. The Monster Mash continues with a heavy Deathrock number called Time; infusing the best aspects of Goth Rock, Punk, and Deathrock through a horrific blender.

 ‘Til the Last Drop taps the breaks a bit to catch your breath, but do not discount this as filler, this haunting Goth Rock track is just as enticing as the rest. Light of Darkness is a horror rock’s delight, opening with an eerie ambiance then dropping the hammer of death on unsuspecting ears. Opus Tenebris brings Goth post-punk to the dance floor while stealthy echoing the phrase “Release the Bats!” to its pale patrons. Underworld is fun, catchy, and possibly the best song to discern the band’s lyrics (an aspect I wish I had seen more of in this album). The album concludes with a reprise of the title track Return of the Empire entitled The Fall of the Empire, bringing the rise and fall of civilization full circle.
According to Facebook, the band describes themselves strictly anti-fascism and anti-sexism, a sentiment I wholly agree with. Although, if I must gripe, the vocal mixing on this album makes it a bit difficult to determine the lyrics Henry “Flat Field” was trying to convey. I feel that having the audience sing along with distinguishable song lyrics is an overlooked aspect in this genre’s musical landscape. Horror Vacui did masterful work communicating the bands message and stories with their previous album In Darkness You Will Feel Alright. It was a strong facet of the band that I feel was lost a bit with this release. That aside, the album is absolutely worth a listen and would absolutely make it to my Deathrock set lists in the near future. I personally would love to see this band live if given the chance; their distinct sound and lyrical delivery must be great show to witness.

The band’s overall sound is very punk/deathrock with a Gothic influence, reminiscent of L.A.’s FOF (Fangs on Furs) or Los Carniceros Del Norte with delightfully catchy guitar riffs, loads of fun with a dark accent. Any fan of Deathrock or Goth Rock will find this release a delight and I strongly urge my readers to pick up a copy for yourself  – you owe it to yourself for being such a good Gothling this week 😉  ► By DJ Detra

Horror Vacui – Return Of The Empire (2014)

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Horror Vacui - Return Of The Empire LIVE


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