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Heavier Than Broken Hearts – Heavier Than Broken Hearts (2014)Heavier Than Broken Hearts hails from Poland, but they might as well come from the banks of Mississipi or Louisiana swamps. Their first album, now available on CD, has a strong aura of voodoo dolls, ghost towns and rifles. They call their music Gothic Blues, or Funeral Rock.

“Black Veil”, the first track, starts with a fireman’s siren and heavy guitar backed by a mid-tempo drum section. Then, quiet, disillusioned vocals come in. You feel instantly the Mid-West voodoo-like atmosphere the band wants to create. “Purple Dawn” brings even more mystery and darkness with its irresistible heavy-blues guitars crying in the back, vocals full of reverb and a hypnotic beat. The guitar solo is delightful. The trip goes on with “Widow” and similar Heavy Blues colors. Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, Black Sabbath, Fields of the Nephilim and particularly Sweet William, are to name a few, influences that come to mind.

Old black blues too. This music has got the devil inside, no doubt. Next is “In Cold Blood”, with sharp drums and psychedelic guitars. Washed by heavy rain noise, “Nameless Graves” has a deep addictive riff, and strong psychedelic taste with its organ Doors-like parts. “Black Wings” and “Out of Control” are more fine guitar-filled tracks, sweaty and toxic. Finally “The Long Goodbye” is the most atmospheric song on the album. It’s a superb heavy ballad, loaded with sadness and pain.

Heavier Than Broken Hearts has released an album for guitar lovers, whether they are into blues, 70’s hard rock or gothic rock. Really well played and produced, it maintains the dark and muddy atmosphere all through. It’s an album with strong identity, done with honesty and intelligence. Highly recommended. by Guillaume Renard.


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