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God’s Own Medicine – Drachma


God's Own Medicine - Drachma (2014)God’s Own Medicine is about to celebrate its 20 year anniversary, their debut album was released by the now legendary record label Hypnobeat in 1999; and they have done a total of six albums through the years.

According to the information of the Bandcamp and Facebook profiles of this project; the only remaining member is Andy, and their music style is described as “Indie Rock”, In my personal opinion I have to say that “Drachma” is a very captivating experience, it’s a kaleidoscopic combination of different music styles going from Highly-refined Gothic Rock, elegant Dark Wave in the best tradition of the great bands of 90’s, 80’s Post Punk, and Alternative Rock; and this mixture was perfectly crafted and balanced, we have here some great musicianship, experience and vision.

The first track, “Clocks” is a cascade of wonderful harmonies and great guitar work, is 90’s Gothic Rock at its best, every Gothic Rock enthusiast will love this song; because it is BIG! “Down Below” is mid-tempo but fascinating, is a very-well constructed song; it comes with a hybrid sound between Gothic Rock and Darkwave. “Into The Sun” will take you to a meditative and relaxing mood, and it is a very pleasant song.

“Wrong” is kinda of a reflexive and nostalgic tune, with influences of Alternative Rock, and 80’s sound. ”Down Is The Only Way out” comes with great rhythm and guitars, is a good combination of Alternative Rock and Gothic-Darkwave; this song is very catchy. “Glass Of jar” is very emotive; at the beginning is like a monologue, and the next moment is pure nostalgia and 80’s sound. Dark Wave- Gothic sounds are back with “Low”, and this song has passion and introspection.

“Fever” is smooth Gothic Rock, is mid-tempo with good guitar riffs in the chorus; another very catchy song here. “Coin Of Gold” is atmospheric Gothic sound mixed with 80’s Rock. And the last track is “Rainbows”; this song is very slow, dense, and oppressing; the guitars and the vocal performance are working here together to rise the level of intensity, reaching some almost-dramatic moments.

God’s Own Medicine have delivered a very consistent and well-made Dark Wave album, it is spiced with some strategically (and well-placed) Gothic Rock tunes. This record has a unique sound due to the combination of different music styles from the 80’s and 90’s. This one is very interesting ► by  Daniel Olvera



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