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Geometric Vision – Virtual Analog Tears


Geometric Vision - Virtual Analog TearsThe musical climate of these past few years has shifted from the resurgence of Post-punk to an enigmatic Post-punk/Darkwave hybrid; drifting into realms of drum machines, tasteful amounts of haunting keyboards, and dreamy guitars submerged in echo-delay. Though the first half of the album has some of the band’s best work in my opinion, the rest of the album delves into realm of eerie atmospheric Darkwave like in its final track Nenia.

The introduction “Black Heaven” erects the framework of this album; an unsettling walk through a forest of macabre and echo-guitar bemusement. Think brings a dance friendly tune into the foray; it’s The Cure‘s A Forest met with a Batcave vocal style, (reminiscent of the Virgin Prunes or Neva) worthy of the approval nod while bringing a unique perspective to this collective of songs.

“Another Day Without Blue” brings about the post-punk energy one craves, tapping into the classic sounds of mid 80’s Post-punk days of yore. “Generation A” soothes the listener’s ears a bit to make heed for a beautiful and sombre tone much like what the rest of the album delivers. The title track “Virtual Analog Tears” is a robotic cry for help when you close your laptop to sleep… I think; it’s hard to tell what is being said, but it evokes a cold, pragmatic vocal delivery with whimsical, dance friendly Darkwave; truly a beautiful match for this well crafted second album of this accomplished band.

Geometric Vision hails from the city of Naples, Italy; which is amazing to me since the classic European post-punk/Darkwave is so fluent (proving once again that great taste transcends any border or language). The three members Ago Giordano, (Synth – Drum Machine – Voice) Gennaro Campanile, (Bass Guitar) and Roberto Amato (Guitar) really have something excellent here, a perfect union of Post-punk and Electro-Darkwave. The templates are underground but the finished outcome is as accessible as a Cure single.

I really enjoyed this album, the first listen made me really excited to delve into this band’s past releases and current▼ VIRTUAL ▲ ANALOG ✚ TOUR. I highly recommend this album for fans of Post-Punk and Darkwave, but even the general music fan will find some really great tunes to pick up on. ► by Dj Detra


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