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Garden of Delight - Enki´s Temple Rediscovered (2013)If there is a philosophy of Enki, it manifests and explains itself in early Mesopotamian and Egyptian thought, where the true creator of the universe was manifest within nature, and that nature enveloped both the Anunnaki, and the humans. Nature, as the Great Mother, was still supreme, despite any patriarchal scheme to the contrary. Admittedly, Enki’s claim of his birthright, the one being based on a matrilineal succession essentially the mitochondria DNA link, which is wholly passed through the female line was in Enki’s best interests. But Enki was also the maternal grandfather who came to the aid of Inanna when things went badly during her Descent into the Underworld.

If there is an album of the 90’s that represents the beginning of a legacy and a legend that album is definitely Enki´s Temple of Garden of Delight which was original released back in 1991. Artaud and his series of Garden of Delight´s rediscovered versions give us a re-visited version of one the best occvlt goth rock albums ever. Enki´s Temple at the same time in my point of view is one the most influential albums of the 90´s together with Necromanteion IV.

The Strong mixture between atmosphere and mysticism made Enki´s Temple one of the golden stones of the Goth Rock from the second generation. This rediscovered version respects all the atmosphere from the original version, also you can listen a very passionate vocal work of Artaud. The instrumentation and climate is totally dapper, a fact which made this version more than special.

22 years have passed and it’s really prominent to listen to this new millennium version because it’s really great to have the original version with the organic sound and the new one digitally worked. One masterpiece in differrent parts in the time. Enki’s Temple is the proof of how a classic in the gothic rock history can be fitted in the new millennium, keeping it´s original substance. This album goes beyond words and highlighting again is the most important occvlt album since Fields of the Nephilim released Elizium. And I’m talking about the deepest lyrics plus the dark atmosphere in some tracks. It’s unavoidable to say that when Fields of the Nephilim stopped, Garden of Delight and Artaud continued the essence of what occvlt goth rock really is. Don’t miss the opportunity to know how Artaud’s legacy started, and if you are a collector, you must have this one. ► by Oskar Terramortis


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