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The Flatfield’s second album manie sans délire was released today 7 January, 2017 by the Gothic Music Records. If the band’s debut album Passionless was cold and laconic in essence, manie sans délire is something else, it’s moist, heated, full of passion and fervor.

The album has a unique, somewhat intimidating undercurrent. It contains a few musical and thematic ideas that recur throughout the album. manie sans délire is the soundtrack of the imaginary film.

The Flatfield is Helsinki, Finland based gothic/post-punk band formed in the autumn of 2011 by vocalist Ville Gray and guitarist Dr. J. Ravine. Shortly after that, bassist Juha and drummer Jaska joined the band. The line-up was complete and the band engaged in consolidating its musical idea. In March 2014 a synth-player Risto Juntunen joined the band enabling the vocalist Ville Gray to concentrate on vocals and fierce performance.

From the very beginning, The Flatfield has sought to cherish the tradition of gothic/post-punk music and aesthetics by giving conventions a small twist.

First demos were recorded in June 2012. The debut album Passionless was released in 2014 by Passionless Records and Gothic Music Records. The Flatfield also appears on the compilation This is Gothic Rock Vol. I by Gothic Music Records and the post-punk album Let’s Peter Out by the Gothenburg based dark alternative label Peter Out Records. The Flatfield also participates in the Finnish compilation Black Lips and Long Raincoats by Stupido Records (2015) and Italian compilation Voices of Mislealia Vol. 1 by Mislealia Recods (2015).



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