Fields of the Nephilim – Sumerland (Official Video)


It’s no secret that you have an interest in things that are a little bit esoteric, and a little bit more spiritual; that side of life. Is this something that you’ve sought out, or something that, in many ways perhaps has kinda found you? Perhaps it has been within you, or something that you just kinda find coming up within your life?

Carl: Ah, I think it’s something that’s always been with me, really, it’s not something, um… I mean, I’ve obviously taken an interest, and made my own curiosities and studies on certain subjects, but I think it’s something that already found me anyway, since I was a child. It’s just a big part of my whole universe, and any universe I suppose. Y’know, I have no explanations to give to anyone, as such, because it’s all still unfolding in front of me, and every day brings coincidence, and I kinda like going with that. (Read the complete interview here)


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