Fields of the Nephilim – 11 years after the Mourning Sun came the Prophecy

Oskar: Since ‘Mourning Sun’, one of the questions people always ask is why it takes so long between new material; is it because of some legal stuff behind it? Or is it just because you are just waiting for the right time to make it? Or is it because the record industry has not convinced you to just go straight into it?

Carl: Well, all of them have been reasons in the past. Y’know, I’ve had industry problems and also, I’ve never been in a rush to just put something out just because other people want me to. Y’know, the more people want me to do things sometimes, the less I’ll do. But, y’know, it’s gotta evolve in my time, innit, really. And I mean, ‘Mourning Sun’, that’s a project-based album, and there’s a lot of work, my input, y’know, when I didn’t have a band. Y’know, so… I enjoyed the process, I mean that’s what I do; I like the creative process, but the technical side, you’ve gotta remember there’s all that involved as well.

Carl: Not in my eyes. I mean, ‘Zoon’ took quite a while, but that was to do with the band having departed, y’know, we all went our separate ways. So I tried to come back into it gracefully, really, rather than just rushing: “Right I should get an album out”. I mean, that’s never been the idea for me anyway; “Oh I must do this”. But there’s nothing I love more than creating – the creative process – but the way the Nephilim is and what it’s about, y’know, I’ve got to follow that path; you can’t force that. I can’t say, “Oh let’s make an album because we have to make an album because that’s what other bands do”. Fuck them. We don’t do that. I don’t need to do that. I’m not dead yet. I’ve got fucking loads – loads – of time. So, y’know… It’s happening. But it’ll happen when it’s ready. But yeah, we are creating. I mean, I’m always creating. So there’s gonna be definitely some new music.

Oskar: So that means that you have more than one bullet just…

Carl: I have a lot of material. We intend to get some stuff out, all of us, next year. I mean, y’know, it was an intention to play… we’d love to be able to play and try new tracks at live concerts, like we used to. But we can’t. Because everyone puts it on YouTube that night, and it’s judged. So y’know, our audience asks us to do that, and they’re the ones that are recording us and that, and we think, “Well we can’t possibly even try new material”. Y’know, so…


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