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Estilo Internacional - RetrofuturaEstilo Internacional is a band coming out from Madrid, Spain. Their name seems to be inspired in some architectonic movement which is part of the modern style, in the 20th Century. This is a Post Punk / New Wave band with lyrics in Spanish, and at the first glance the type of voice, and the music, made me think in my pre-teen years when I used to listen and love the music of Spanish bands of the 80’s like Radio Futura or Danza Invisible. And as I said before, this was only my first impression about this band; they are actually doing some one of a kind Post Punk music, and they have a very refreshing approach to this style.

Their rendition of the Post Punk is pretty honest and straight forward, they aren’t a pretentious band at all; their execution and song writing reveals spontaneity and a clear and yet unique sound. They are a well-assembled band and these musicians are doing a detailed work in the song writing and lyrics. They have constructed this straight-forward organic sound (guitar, bass, drums, and voice) of their own, and their execution is pristine. By the other hand, people who understand the Spanish language can realize that the lyrics of Estilo Internacional are very deep and interesting: And that’s great.

“Impermeable” is the first track and is so pleasant; the guitar work here is exquisite, the rhythm section, is impeccable, and the vocal performance fits very well. Estilo Internacional displays awesome musicianship. “El Ingeniero Del Alma” has dominant-melodic bass lines, and some smooth-ripping guitar riffs, and infectious rhythm. The lyrics are great: “You are the creative genius, the engineer of the soul” that’s classy stuff. ”Puerta Trasera De La Razon” displays some subtle-predating and punkish rhythm; they created some awesome transitions leading to some very catchy -melodic passages. “El Garage Hermetico” is New Wave-Post Punk, they are very interesting artists, and they really enjoy creating and playing music.

“Octubre” is very melodic and contagious; and people who lived the 80’s era of Rock with lyrics in Spanish will love this track. “Mas Alla Del Espectro” is Post Punk sound finely executed, the melody created by the guitar is so cadenced, you can appreciate here their passion for 80’s Post Punk, and how they can managed to create a very unique rendition of this music style. “Desde La Ciudad Jardin” follows the path traced by the previous track: Is a very personal vision of Post Punk. “Vacio Perfecto” is a kaleidoscopic song; it mixes lots of musical textures, and is so relaxing. “Cielo En Llamas” features lyrics full of poetry, and the music here fits great, because this sound is delicious. If the sound of Estilo Internacional is so fine; “La Era Lunar” is an off the wall track for this record, this song is simply sophisticated. “El Fin De La Historia” is another perfectly crafted song, a perfect epilogue for this record.

Sometimes great stuff comes under the guise of simplicity; due to its spontaneity and the fact of how things can flow in a very natural way. They are doing something awesome: Catchy songs with intelligent lyrics, they are craft artists; this is a very interesting band. ► by Daniel Olvera


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