The Eden House – Songs For The Broken Ones – Album Preview

Current Touring Band:

Stephen Carey (Adoration / This Burning Effigy)
Tony Pettitt (Fields of the Nephilim/NFD)
Simon Rippin (Red Sun Revival /NFD/Nefilim)
Rob Leydon (Red Sun Revival)
Bob Loveday (Violinist for Bob Geldof/Van Morrison)
Louise Crane
Meghan-Noel Pettitt
Monica Richards (Faith & The Muse)

After my chat with Simon Rippin in Helsinki during his visit with Red Sun Revival (Goths On The Rocks – 12/11/16) I had to ask him about The Eden House because it was taking too much time (also Sensorium it seems will have a “resurrection”) and he told me the album was almost ready and finally we have an album preview, also some news were posted on their official facebook plus new photos. The album will be released 16th June 2017 on CD/LP/Digital through Jungle Records. 

Cover Image by Dracorubio.


  • Verdades (I Have Chosen You)
  • One Heart
  • Misery
  • 12th Night
  • The Ghost Of You
  • Ours Again
  • It’s Just a Death
  • Words and Deeds
  • Let Me In
  • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
  • Second Skin
  • The Ardent Tide
  • Running

Time: 68’47”

(C) & (P) Jungle Records 2017


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