Draconian Incubus – Suicide Revelations (Official Video)


We’ll probably never witness a Draconian Incubus reunion but this band made a truly classic and probably they didn’t expect people would say to them years after, “you made the best Gothic Rock album in years”. Another band has fade away, but their outstanding testimony was resurrected by myself because they deserved it. I never imagined that a band from Costa Rica could sound better than European bands, yes!! they did it and that’s why they have a special place on the Gothic Rock History. Then… now is when i say to them, hat off gentlemen. ► by Oskar Terramortis

Suicide Revelations

(J. Salazar)

Suicide revelation
When you touch my skin with your hands
Suicide revelation
When your memories are burning in my soul
Again and again
Another day, another tear
Another broken hope in me
Another day, another tear
Another broken hope without you
Suicide revelation
When I open my veins for you
For your fast love
For your empty love



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