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Draconian Incubus – Ligeia (2014)For lovers of Love Like Blood, The Wake, Secret Discovery, and other 90’s Gothic Rock wonders , don’t miss Draconian Incubus’ album Ligeia. Noticeable enough to be highlighted: Draconian Incubus is from Costa Rica, a country not precisely famous for its dark scene. It’s great to be able to (re)discover cult bands, bands that probably didn’t receive the attention they deserved in the first place. This is definitely my feeling about this band and album. Originally released in 2006, it has been remastered by Oskar Terramortis and is now released by Gothic Music Records.

The album kicks off with “Slave Of My Lust” and you get the feeling to be listening to an outtake of An Irony of Fate. The good thing is that the song is great, musically speaking it is punchy and has enough variations to make it genuinely original and not a Love Like Blood copy. The intensity rises gradually, it’s well written and well played, in two words: GOTHIC ROCK.

“Victim (Of Love)” has the same kind of raw energy combined with the genre’s inherent mannerism: driven guitars and delicate synth lines, solid drums and extremely dramatic vocals. “Velvet Cradle” is a ballad with a beautiful melody, moving vocals and fine guitar solos! Then comes “King of Misery”, a track that could have inspired Date at Midnight’s Deathrock with guitars full of reverbs, the most dramatic vocals, and a bridge reminding Cinema Strange’s scary childish tunes.

It’s a song quite different from the rest of the album and it shows that Draconian Incubus is not stuck in one only style. With “Suicide Revelations”, the band delivers a real gem. This ballad is simply irresistible. Drama filled but not showy, with a superb guitar solo, it deserves to be played loud! In my opinion “Sex” is the weakest song on the album. Not that it’s a bad song at all, but the kind of incantations at the beginning added to the extreme theatricality and the lyrics make it too stereotypical. Deeply influenced by Fields of the Nephilim, “Whispers” is heavy stuff with loud guitars and drums, bells, screams, and the longest track on the album, so the band has the time to make it an amazing experience. Then the title track is a dark ballad, the last song on the official tracklist of the album.

From the guitar riffs, to the vocals and the arrangements, this album is pure 90’s Goth Rock of the New Millennium at its best. If you like this style, you’ll love Draconian Incubusby Guillaume Renard.

Draconian Incubus – Ligeia (2014)
Gothic Music Records


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