Double Echo – Double Echo Vol​.​1

Double Echo - Double Echo Vol-.-1 (2014)This compilation (released by Ritual Tapes) on cassette are the sum of Double Echo‘s singles and unreleased work over the past few years. Upon first listen the songs are indeed very different from one other, but I have the utmost respect for any band that could pull such different colored rabbits out of a single hat. This duo is comprised of Chris Luna and Ash Lerczak hailing from both Liverpool and San Diego who manage to collaborate from across the ocean to create this great project.

Without Ceremony has a minimal drum percussion intro with an entrancing thick bass chorus line to introduce and seduce the listener to this album. The vocal delivery is low on Black Morning but this seems intentional to compliment the minimal drum beats, this might suggest that this was an early track as this delivery is not repeated again on the album.

The third track Life Inside is a fun Goth rock romp to dance to for sure. It reminds me of Batzz in the Belfry with 80’s style drums and Faith era Simon Gallup on bass. Following this track is Rupture featuring beautiful (and sadly the only) female ethereal vocals to accompany the ghostly atmosphere; VERY different from the previous tracks but pleasantly refreshing for viewing the band from a different angle. Double Echo can write very catchy bass line hooks, demonstrated strongly in such songs as Sylvia and Black House. The last track Then Again on side A, is probably my personal favorite with a catchy bass line as funky as Bowie if he had a romantic rendezvous with Suspiria.

Side B kicks off with Darkroom, a fast pace brilliant recharging of the ears with dreamy guitar work; easily a dance floor hit! Plain Sight keeps the dance fever flowing with it’s hypnotizing bass and locomotive drum kick. Eve and the Apple is a bit strange because it stands out so much from the other tracks, like a dream pop song; it’s fun, bright and dance friendliness juxtaposed with dark brooding vocals makes for an excellent experiment gone right! Desertion has great seduction skills for pulling people to the dance floor, again the bass is hypnotizing! Finally the last track Ephemerol gives an outro of chilling drums to permeate the night air of an eerie ending.

All in all, the mixture of cold wave, Gothic rock and ethereal wave prove very interesting. Considering it’s a compilation, there wouldn’t necessarily be a single message for the listener, but the culmination of these tracks gives great insight into the bands eclectic style. Perhaps the message being sent is “We play great music in many styles which would be quite fair and correct.

Double Echo Vol​.​1 is an excellent compilation worthy of any fan of Double Echo wanting to hear the band’s singles and rare tracks. To catch a glimpse into the bands different approaches (which are all quite fascinating) look them up, find news, upcoming tracks and general information at Bandcamp.► by Dj Detra

Double Echo – Double Echo Vol​.​1 (2014)
Ritual Tapes


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