Dogs In Trees – Piora Mew

pióra mewPiora Mew (Seagulls feathers). Dogs in Trees are from Gdynia in Poland and their line up consists of Paweł Goździewicz and Arek Książczak. Having formed in 2010, ‘Piora Mew’ is their first full length release following on from 4 ep’s and a mini album over the last 5 years.

This has the unfortunate honour of being the first album to split the reviewers opinions, Raven on occasion appreciates the more electronic sound, akin to early Depeche Mode and the ambiance that the underlying Coldwave sound and vocals deliver. The songs on the CD are mainly sung in English and their sound is ambient electro with post-punk elements.

Track 3 ‘Enough’ is played in a slowed down ambient style which makes for a chill down moment , and takes the listener on a journey out of the mayhem of real life. Whereas later tracks seem to lean more towards a soft dance/electro/industrial style but always keeping a mellow vibe. However the standout track is ‘Teraz, I Jutro (now and tomorrow’) which displays a more post punk sound, with a backing reminiscent of Bauhaus and has very strong vocals. To be honest this track appeals more to us and we hope that in future releases they do some more tracks in this style.
Although it wasn’t quite our cup of tea, it certainly has enough to please the fans of mellow electro and Coldwave. ► by Raven and The Gothicfox


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