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[di unru]Finnish-German trio [di: unru:] have released their new self-titled EP showcasing their catchy, raw-edge post punk and classic guitar style, which the band have labelled as a Dark Sonic Tidal Wave. A new one on us!

The EP follows on from their debut 7” single Deathletter / Typewriter released in 2013 and their appearance on the 2015 Finnish Goth/post punk compilation ‘Black Lips and Long Raincoat. A Killing Joke influenced musical experience, complete with German spoken word vocals opens up this release and leads into probably the highlight of the EP ‘Early Graves’ demonstrating a soft slightly Morrissey tinged vocal that then becomes a guttural roar of grunge rock when pushed. ‘Silence’ is a guitar heavy rocker with spooky keyboards appearing midway through and similar vocals to the previous track.

The track ‘Unity’ however is reminiscent of an early Damned production and is bound to impress the more punk loving fans and the vocals are very raw with a hint of Metallica’s James Hetfield when at full growl.

Finally we are left with a very strong end track ‘All there is’ which is a sing a long dancefloor filler, a sure pogo/mosh initiator. Currently only one live performance is scheduled to promote the new EP, and this is at the Synapsi Festival in Helsinki In February 2016. This is a strong and catchy release which gets better and better with every listen and well worth you checking out and spending some of your hard earned cash. ► by Raven and The Gothicfox


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