Dead Born Babies – A Call to Cult

Dead Born Babies - A Call to CultThis album has not left my car since I bought it. The culprits involved: Baby Bastard, Mummy Baby and the mysterious Fangy, have something truly excellent here. Batcave / Deathrock coming from (of all places) Canada! Catchy hooks, excellent production, with a vast reservoir of influences being utilized for this amazing debut. The first aspect to catch my ear were the versatile vocal stylings heard throughout the album. Influences ranging from Screams for Tina, Element, Specimen, Radio Scarlet and a dash of Horror punk just to name a few. The fist track Black Party with Witches begins with Batcave madness; fun and spooky (just the way I like it.) The melodic changes, and catchy lyrics keep things flamboyantly energetic as the song progresses.

El Incienso Del Infierno is eerily familiar with South American Deathrock, and in Spanish? I check the CD to make sure….yes, this band is from Canada, and it is excellent! At a whopping 8:25, it’s a bit of an endurance for a Deathrock song but well worth the listen. The singer Baby Bastard has a Mexican background, bringing a mass appeal to the South American Deathrock scene so popular at the moment.

The pulsating bass of Kissing Death presides over a tribal ceremony accompanied by a theremin UFO invasion. Dead Music for the Living taps the breaks a bit with this evenly paced macabre song. Declaration of 1883 picks up the slack again with this Ollie Wisdom inspired, maniacal spook-fest. The killer changes and catchy hooks keep this song interesting and always a delight. The intro to Skeletal Dancing is a drug induced head trip that leads to the album’s most catchy (and sexiest) song yet! Alternating male and female Batcave vocals make for a provocative and alluring call to arms for those “mixing death with fashion.”; an irresistible anthem.

La Hora Marcada reminds me yet again as to why I do not speak Spanish? ¿por qué! That catchy keyboard part is irresistible! The Offering of Honey is a funeral dirge, savoring every bleak moment and creepy corridor this eight minute opus could muster. In Caged brings us back to the Deathrock party with fun and madness.Dead Born Babies Kiss of Wine, the final track, has tiny hints of the band Remembrance (excellent band btw), a pleasing conclusion to what is a really fun album to listen to. Dead Born Babies have magnificently navigated the use of a good hook, as well as invoking various Batcave/Deathrock stylistic vocal deliveries, making this album very versatile and an absolute must for any Gothic Party. Dead Born Babies are a collaborative effort with Baby Bastard on Vocals and Guitars, Mummy Baby on Bass Guitar and female vocals, the mysterious Fangy On Drums and help from A.C.L.S. (Anti Christian Liberation Syndicate) whom helps finance and even contribute music and lyrics to the band organization.

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Dead Born Babies – A Call to Cult (2014)


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