Dawn of Oblivion – Phoenix Rising


Dawn Of Oblivion ‎– Phoenix RisingFormed in Sweden way back in 1991 the band have had many incarnations and released four albums, but now after a near on ten year hiatus they are back.

The album kicks off in a goth/metal style with the guitar led epic ‘Demons of the Cross’ and almost immediately you can feel this will be an album that will be delivered with a defined emotional intensity. Vocally the track has a clean deep Goth style, which develops into a harsh growl mid song and displays the screamed black metal style that is present on later tracks. The guitars feature a repetitive riff over the symphonic keys and vocals with an intricate solo coming in towards the end of the near seven minute opus.

‘Anubis’ is almost akin to a hymn sung to the jackal god of mummification himself, with the continued amazing guitar work of Stefan and Jonas and the deep vocals that Dawn of Oblivion have never lost, you feel yourself being part of a ritual burial ceremony.

‘Catherine Wheel’ opens at a fast pace with powerfully played guitars, before slowing during the verses and picking up the relentless playing over the catchy chorus. A definite album highlight.

Another contender for stand out song is ‘The Black Pilgrim’ which is a slow brooding track, displaying a darker edge along with the occult styled ritualistic delivery. Victor’s vocal range is again demonstrated in the same way as the album opener and is added to by some female back ground vocals in places. Musically it really wouldn’t be out of place on a classic Black Sabbath album.

‘My Nihilistic Dream’ increases the already powerful intensity and has the makings of a Goth metal classic with distorted vocals and great guitar work. This continues into the, balls out, metal fest that is ‘Path to Gehenna’, a catchy song that features some EBM style keyboards that although appearing out of place, somehow really work.

The final track ‘Years’ has more sublime guitar work, clean vocals and a prog goth-metal feel about it finishing the album off in real style.

If you are a fan of gothic metal or the harder edged side of gothic rock, this album could well be worth a listen. ► by Raven and The Gothicfox


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