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“Serpiente de Nuit” is an Exclusive Single released by Jesucrisis and Lisa Miles.  It has as its core violin tracks composed by Lisa that Vladimir reflected on and began to formulate vocal, bass and drum line thoughts to.  For the lyrics, Vlad threw a couple past Lisa to consider and she immediately responded to “Serpiente de Nuit,” about the Thelemic night-sky goddess, as the perfect lyrics for this work.  

Vlad began to come up with vocals as he listened to the violin while bicycling about Santiago de Chile, his hometown.  Meanwhile, he set Lisa upon the task back in the States of adding some arabian mandolin accents to the mix (none too difficult, judging by her other original work since the 90s).  

Vlad began to play around with a deathrock drums dimension to the music, as he enlisted the help of Max Vdh of Mendoza, Argentina. (Jesucrisis, founded by Vlad in 2001, has had many contributing musicians over the years, and Max adds a guitar and drums sensibility much needed.) 

Vlad‘s idea and Max‘s execution of the drums for the final part of Serpiente surprisingly transformed the piece for Lisa into something entirely more potent than before.  

Lisa traveled to Santiago in August, where Vladimir’s bass and vocals were recorded via the Apogee mic and Auria DAW (on iPad) that Lisa stashed along for the trip.  The main violin backbeat track in this piece posed a challenge, but Vlad had Max add a click-track to find the bass line he desired.  Though not 100% perfection (due to time and engineering ability, not the soft/hardware), Vlad and Lisa were very pleased with their being able to pull elements of the piece together in person.  But it was not complete, by any measure, until Max worked in some edgy guitar, laid the final drum tracks with some persuasion by Lisa and Vlad to retain the final-verse drums, and made magic with mix/ mastering this multi-textured song.

This is the last work of collaboration between the two that Lisa’s name will be added to in the title (she contributed on Vladimir‘s post-punk “Insuficiente Tentacione” in the Spring.  From here on out, it will simply be Jesucrisis, as Lisa is now a member of the band, and Munoz travels to the States for three months to work out the next album with her.  


Lyrics Spanish & English:

En el esplendor, desnudo de la noche
Bajo una acariciante llama azul, en el éxtasis del beso
Tu cuerpo cimbreante, arqueado se curva…
Y mientras tus ojos arden
Con deseo regocijada
En mi templo secreto, mi corazón en llamas
Y el rocío de tu luz ,bañando tu cuerpo
Con un dulce perfume de sudor

Pálida y púrpura ,velada y voluptuosa
Estoy cazando para usted
Serpiente de azules párpados

La clave de los rituales
Esta en el amor que me has dado
En el goce de la disolución

Del cielo voluptuoso y nocturno
Despertando con mis alas enroscadas
Al caer la noche, respiro la luz de las estrellaa
Pálida y púrpura, estoy cazando para usted
Pálida y purpura, estoy cazando para usted
Pálida y púrpura, estoy cazando para usted…..

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In the splendor, naked of the night
Under a caressing blue flame, in the ecstasy of the kiss
Your swaying, arched body curves…
And while your eyes burn
With rejoiced desire
In my secret temple, my heart on fire
And the dew of your light, bathing your body
With a sweet perfume of sweat

Pale and purple, veiled and voluptuous
I’m hunting for you
Snake with blue eyelids

The key to the rituals
Is in the love that you have given me
In the enjoyment of the dissolution

From the voluptuous and nocturnal sky
Waking up with my wings coiled
When night falls, I breathe the light of the stars
Pale and purple, I’m hunting for you
Pale and purple, I’m hunting for you
Pale and purple, I’m hunting for you….

*Snake of Nuit, Thelemic goddess
released November 21, 2017
Composition: Lisa Miles & Vladimir Munoz
Lyrics: Vladimir Munoz
Violins, Mandolin: Miles
Bass, Vocals: Munoz
Guitar; Drums: Max Vdh
Mix / Master: Max Vdh


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