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From the nethermost regions of Somerset comes goth rock outfit GUILLOTINE DREAM. The band was formed in the mid-80s. A cassette demo was released and some live shows occurred. These were few and far between because Lake was still studying in school, but they were atmospheric affairs. The band insisted on incredibly high volume and minimal lighting in order to create the right atmosphere. Sadly the band had to stop these performances due to health and safety concerns. Not willing to compromise their artistic integrity, they went on indefinite hiatus. Until now…

Guillotine Dream is:

Arc:- Guitars, Vocals

Lake:- Bass

Mapk:- Drums, Vocals

Although the true identities of Guillotine Dream are a (very loosely) guarded secret, they are all accomplished musicians with decades of experience between them. All of the members have played in the Gothic doom band My Silent Wake, and all have had other projects over the years.


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