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Conversations with Mirrors

The story of the London band “Descendants Of Cain” around mastermind D M Kruger dates back to the 90s when they succeeded to gain a certain reputation within the scene with their first albums mostly based on a classic gothic rock sound. Over the years and after numerous albums, the band disentangled themselves more and more from the shackles of the genre and developed a sound which is still supported by the occasionally dark and melancholy voice of singer and songwriter D, but has been able to spread out in all musical directions.

The songs from the new album “Conversations With Mirrors” present an impressive and appealing epic, broad, melodic and no less intimate sound which manifests itself in every single track in a different way and, far beyond any stereotypes, succeeds time and again in creating surprises. It is quite difficult to put a label on this kind of music, although familiar elements turn up every now and then.

“Conversations With Mirrors” addresses the classic album audience who want to immerse themselves in a different world and let the music work its magic, away from monotonous charts and endless genre copies. This philosophy is strengthened by a booklet featuring no lyrics, but a unique artwork for every single song. Each song is individually central and unique, but together they create a truly artistic overall masterpiece.

Descendants of Cain was founded by songwriter and producer D M Kruger in 1998. Since then the project has gone on to release seven studio albums and until 2009 played live at venues across the UK. The project itself has always been dedicated to maintaining an honest and passionate interpretation of the world it inhabits.

Religion, politics, human behaviour, and environmental issues have always been at the forefront of DoC‘s lyrical content, whilst the music itself has encompassed an eclectic array of sounds and styles including ambient electronic, hard rock, pop, industrial metal, goth, goth Rock Neo-classical, classical, darkwave, and trip hop. DoC have recently completed recording their seventh album entitled “DoC Presents: Hell Bar Blues” which was released in 2013.



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