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Click On Bandcamp: Ariel Maniki And The Black Halos – Ritual

Ariel Maniki and the Black Halos is a gothic-alternative act from Costa Rica, a small tropical country in the central american isthmus no stranger to the dark rock genres since the new millennium.

The project had its origins on 2013 as a solo-studio project by Ariel Maniki, former member of bands such as Draconian Incubus and Maniki. It’s first published single ‘Intimate War’ and the digital EP called ‘Madeline’ came out via bandcamp on 2014, followed by the 2015 full lenght ‘The Descending’ on a 100 cd limited Edition, now sold out, which was extensively played by several on line radio shows from all over the world.

A wide combination of musical styles and influences from gothic rock to light alternative post punk and even a bit of electro-industrial hints has been noticeable since this early experimental period in their music.

It was only after ‘The Descending’ was released that the band went live on local clubs and bars, receiving since then a surprising amount of support for a scene considered as already dead by many within the country. Also became part of the UK based artist/band management roster ‘Deadfall‘, which brought in more promotion attention and listeners.

Once the band format and line up got consolidated a new album called ‘Labyrinth’ came out in early 2016. The promotional tour for this new album extended beyond Costa Rican frontiers into other latin american cities such as Lima (Perú), Guadalajara (MX) and Mexico City. Also, songs from ‘Labyrinth’ were featured in many dark-goth compilations and samplers edited in the UK, Russia, Spain, Finland and Germany. Once back from touring and before the end of year the band came up yet with another release: the acclaimed EP ‘Teargarden’.

As expected in March the dark jewel ‘Ritual’ appeared and quickly spread around the world. This album has some notorious highlights such as collaborations from bands like Double Eyelid or The Spiritual Bat, among others.

To this date musical versatility still remains one of the top characteristics on this project, however sequences and electro beats that used to be up front have moved to a background layer and granted space to more catchy guitar arrangements and padded keyboard atmospheres as the band line up has evolved. Several changes have taken place before reaching the current line up. Nowadays the official members are Janice (synths and backing tracks), Chris (bass, winds) and Ariel (vocals, guitars, synths).

After almost four years of intense music production, 2 eps, 3 albums, many singles, promo video clips and live shows, now the project is momentary self confined in a no writing/recording hiatus and dedicated to personal and individual projects, but strongly decided for a come back at some point of 2018.



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