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Christine Plays Viola – VacuaThe waiting has come to an end and we have here the latest release by this great Gothic Rock band: Christine Plays Viola. The previous release “Innocent Awareness” is a kaleidoscopic and entrancing experience and after releasing two promos, the new full-length has been revealed. Christine Plays Viola is a very innovative band with lots of interesting ideas and wide vision: As artists they have the resources, and they have this pretty rich imagination.

Their releases features those inventive refreshing sounds and they don’t stay in a single spot in terms of a musical style. This band moves with unique grace, between this kind of progressive Gothic Rock (with a very unique vision), Dark Wave, Post Punk, and some experimental approach. This could be the most Avant-garde band in the Gothic Rock scene of The New Millennium. When listening to a band like Christine Plays Viola; you have to isolate yourself from the outside world and its noise, get in your favorite seat, and… have a listen and enjoy!!

Let it flow….

“Awakening Of The Damned” is the intro, after this one the album really kicks off with “Wrapped In Spiral” and this is some highly-refined Post Punk-New wave sound; this song reaches sublime moments; and this is just the beginning. “Slaughter Of The Black Sun” comes with a faster pace and it has this pretty dynamic sound; they have a double edge here: They can be really experimental; and at the same time they can make you move with catchy rhythm. ”In Silence Withdrawn” is gloomy and it has suspense; the arrangement and the orchestration are stunning. The band displays too many different musical textures here, and the progressions and changes are finely executed. “Threatening Clouds Of Surrender” is top Post Punk-New Wave; this song is simply wonderful, it’s well constructed and the execution is pristine. “Near The Entrance To The Underworld” is progressive Gothic Post Punk at their finest.

This song is so finely crafted. “Scattered In The Dust (Slay With Dismay)” is epic with that suspense at the beginning, and suddenly the song simply explodes with awesome energy, Christine Plays Viola has a very unique style and aesthetics; and this song is a perfect example of this. “The Drown Of The Beastmen” shows kind of a mastery of tension in the music of CVP; once again the musical progressions take you from one mood to another, and they are the definitive masters doing this kind of sonic atmospheres.

“Rejecting the Limitations of Fate” has analog synths, and is like Vangelis meets Goth-Post Punk ; this is like a pretty interesting intro to the stunning song called “Leocadia” which is an exquisite and stunning song, it’s excellent stuff.

“Apointment With Death” is interesting because it adds some elements of the Death Rock sound of The New Millennium; and the sound of this song is one of a kind stuff. “Wooshing Dissolution” is more experimental sound without losing the excitement, and the dynamic energy.

“Sublime Ravings” is like a sonic palette with lots of different musical textures; the musical transitions are tied perfectly , and is really captivating instrumental sound. “Sharp Impulse” comes with faster rhythm and awesome energy. And “Thirst For Justice” is highly atmospheric and introspective, and at the same time this song shows a slight aggressive edge.

Christine Plays Viola is one of the most interesting bands of today; when I listened for the first time to this band, it captured my attention. They have great imagination, innovative ideas, and they are very talented musicians who can translate those ideas into awesome songs. This album can expand your musical horizon; a one of a kind album coming out from a one of a kind band. A very refreshing and absorbing experience indeed. ► by Daniel Olvera

Christine Plays Viola – Vacua (2014)
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