Children On Stun – The Marquee – 23/03/1994

Simon ManingIn memory of Simon Manning I have uploaded the complete recording of this memorable gig for free download/distribution. The file is a wmv file and is 5GB in size. The recording runs at around 45mims in length. It will be cumbersome to download! Please remember that this material is rescued from a degraded master tape. It took me the best part of 3 weeks to dismantle the tape cassette, manually clean off oxidisation and mould from the tape and make repairs in two places in order to enable the tape to run through at all. This is archive material, there is some tape damage which is evident in places in sound and picture playback quality. The gig itself however remains enjoyable and it was one of the best that I recorded with the band hence my determination to save it. I will leave this file up for two weeks from today before removal as I will need to use the space.

Track List:

  • Intro (Tetsuo: The Iron Man)
  • Beginning of the End
  • Choices
  • By the Wayside
  • Cats or Devils Eyes
  • Crawl
  • Hollow
  • Sidelined
  • Downfall
  • Pandora’s Box.

Please share this post widely. I would like as many folks as would want it to have this recording as I’m sure that would be Simon’s wish also. Please add to this post if you were at the gig. Also let me know if you have managed to download the file. If anyone knows of an easier or better way of doing this do let me know. All rights remain with myself and Children On Stun. No resales or inclusions in any other saleable products.

Thanks and enjoy. Think of the cheeky fella when you’re watching. ► by John D’Anter



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