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Opera Chaotique – Death Of The Phantom Of The Opera

Opera Chaotique - Death Of The Phantom Of The Opera (2012)As you know, Gothic Rock is a site opened to the other artistic and musical manifestations, of the wonderful world of The Dark Music from The New Millennium. This era is quite interesting with lots of Hybrid Styles of the darkest music around. An opened mind is essential to know, assimilate, and eventually; enjoy all of the richness of the Dark Underground musical scene of today. Well, I have to say that….It’s time for Dark Cabaret on Gothic Rock.

This genre takes its roots from the music, and the flamboyant spectacles from the first decades of the 20 century: Especially in Germany; were this artistic manifestation reached its pinnacle, until it was banned and repressed when the Third Reich reached the power. This manifestation was repressed due to their high level of criticism; and it was not tolerated by a totalitarian system. This style spread throughout Europe; and eventually it transcended through time.

Have to make a very special mention to one of the most venerated and beloved artists from the 20th century: Klaus Nomi; a total visionary with a talent from another world. Definitely, another pioneer of this musical style is Andy Sex Gang (from Sex Gang Children) his album “Arco Valley”, is one of the fundamental stones of the Dark Cabaret. Don’t forget to mention to the Tiger Lillies. Definitely, they are one of the most exotic musical experiences that you can find. In the 90’s; I have to mention some moments in the music of Devil Doll.

And in the New Millennium, we have the undeniable contribution of Cinema Strange (they explored with those vintage sounds, and combined this with their own Death Rock-style), and the side project of Lucas Lantier: The Dead Fly Ensemble. After them, there was a total explosion of artists doing this kind of music, and it became a new musical style of Dark Music. Well, let’s go straight to the point: we have here to a one of a kind project, a very interesting and unique creative vision.

Opera Chaotique is a duo from Greece, they are: Tenorman & Voodoo Drummer (George Tziouvaras & Chris Koutsogiannis) The term “Different” definitely applies perfectly to them. This is Dark Cabaret to the max, a mind blowing combination of sounds and musical styles, which is really hallucinating. Their music goes to the Dark Cabaret style (“Is it The Opera Ghost”, “Drums interlude”, “The Phantom of New Orleans”, the beautiful “The LoveSong”, and “The End of the Ghosts Love Affair”) to Jazz (“Scared to love”, the delicious vintage of “The Phantom of The Opera is dead” and “Jazz Funeral”).

Operatic passages full with drama (“Dramatic Prelude”, and the almost cinematic “The curse of The Voodoo Queen”, and “Grand Finale”), to the amazing addition of tribal rhythms ( the hallucinating “Voodoo Chant” ) When you listen to “Orchestra Chaotique”, you will have the impression of been in this imaginary Cabaret: You can see clear and lively; those lights, the stage, and the artists which are doing this wonderful and captivating performance. Definitely this two man troupe has the magic to create such visions… ► by Daniel Olvera


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