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Evi Vine – Give Your Heart To The Hawks

Evi Vine, this stunningly beautiful singer who has graced us with her appearance on songs by one of our favourite bands ‘The Eden House’ in the past, has released her second album ‘Give your heart to the Hawks’ on Solemn Wave Records’ label, back on 17th February 2015. The opening track is one of Evi’s… Keep Reading


Near Earth Orbit – Trans Nepturian Objects

So here we are, back with the second part of Near Earth Orbits conceptual, Post-Apocalyptic, Space – Goth Opera. Like famous movie trilogies, this second section continues building the story over the first four tracks taking up where ‘End of all existence’ finished. SO…… Imagine you are comfortably laying on your sofa in your own… Keep Reading

Aeon Sable – Visions (Official Video)

Directed by Upie Guava Produced by Din-Tah Aeon and Nino Sable Camera & lighting assistant: Danny Ele Vator Post production by: Nicko Bhisma & Upie Guava Wardrobe reference by: Tessa Antonis Costume department: Fritzi Jewelry by Juliane Czorny (Doriel Design) Hair & Make-up by Aline Nüsser Locations: Cage Club Bottrop, Swimming Pool (@Jonathan Heintges) and… Keep Reading


Hana Piranha – Dirty Arrows (Official Video)

Directed and Edited by Arron West Make-up and Special Effects Sara Bryant Camera and Lighting Assistant Dean Rielly With Thanks To Damian Friston Karl and Ann Friston Katy Hay Andrew Armstrong George Day Video Produced by We Were Here Creations LYRICS He bought me with a devil’s kiss, so glamorous I sold my soul for… Keep Reading


Interview with Last Dusk

Raven and The Gothicfox (Andy): Day 3 of the Sacrosanct festival, and here we are in our hotel room with Last Dusk. Can you tell us a bit more about how your formed and how long ago this well Last Dusk (Carfax): Well I formed this band in 2011 and it was very funny because at the… Keep Reading

Autumn Twilight – Sequel

Autumn Twilight is a very talented band from Budapest, Hungary. There’s not much info about them in their Facebook profile. Hope that the band is still active, because this “Sequel”, is a really interesting album; with some of the finest Pure Gothic Rock of the new millennium. They have three releases: “Alteration EP” (2011), “Sequel”… Keep Reading


Heathen Apostles – Dark Was The Night (Official Video)

‘Dark Was The Night’ is the second video from the Heathen Apostles debut album ‘Boot Hill Hymnal’ on Ratchet Blade Records. The Heathen Apostles are Mather Louth (Radio Noir), Chopper Franklin (The Cramps, Mau Maus), Thomas Lorioux (King of Nuthin‘), Viktor Phoenix, Stevyn Grey (Christian Death, 45 Grave) and Luis Mascaro. Get Boot Hill Hymnal… Keep Reading

Sorry, Heels – In Love With Silence (Official Video)

This band make me nostalgic about the alternative sound of early 90’s… 90’s alternative sound , before 90’s alternative sound sucked so bad. Sorry, Heels make me think about the good ones; bands such as Sonic Youth (“Evol”, “Dirt”, “Experimental Jet set Trash And No Star” era), Sky Cries Mary, Mazzy Star, Portishead…combined with the absolute… Keep Reading


Near Earth Orbit – End of all Existence

The driving forces behind the Merciful Nuns, Artaud Seth and Whispers in the Shadow’s Ashley Deyour, have come together to produce a conceptual album based on the end of the world, which In the End of all Existence they have forecast for the 16 March 2034. Not only an audio treat, it also comes complete… Keep Reading


Heathen Apostles – The Reckoning (Official Video)

The Heathen Apostles are Mather Louth (Radio Noir), Chopper Franklin (The Cramps, The Mau Maus), Thomas Lorioux (Kings of Nuthin‘), Stevyn Grey (Christian Death, 45 Grave), Viktor Phoenix and Luis Mascaro. “The Reckoning” is the first video from their debut album “Boot Hill Hymnal” available digitally at Itunes and on CD from Ratchet Blade Records. Check… Keep Reading

Hausfrau – Night Tides (Official Video)

HAUSFRAU is the solo project of Glasgow-based musician and artist Claudia Nova. Adhering to a spare, minimalist aesthetic, the music of HAUSFRAU balances its cold electronic veneer with the emotive, soulful expression of Nova’s voice. Transitioning deftly from a delicate whisper to a soaring, controlled serenade, Nova brings breathtaking depth and emotion to the sparse… Keep Reading


Opera Chaotique – Death Of The Phantom Of The Opera

As you know, Gothic Rock is a site opened to the other artistic and musical manifestations, of the wonderful world of The Dark Music from The New Millennium. This era is quite interesting with lots of Hybrid Styles of the darkest music around. An opened mind is essential to know, assimilate, and eventually; enjoy all… Keep Reading

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