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NOW PLAYING automatically the latest mix.  Gothic Rock Radio Show is a Gothic Rock, Post-Punk, Coldwave and Alternative Goth Rock Mix Hosted by Oskar Terramortis (Necromanteion Radio Show / This is Gothic Rock Radio Show). Every Friday on Gothic Rock’s Official Mixcloud Channel.  Music submission: send a bandcamp download code to info(at)gothicmusicrecords(dot)com. NO electronic goth… Keep Reading


13 Questions to Lux Haeresis (Gothic Music Records America)

Lux Haeresis Gothic Music Records America Gothic Music Records America On Discogs Gothic Music Records America On Bandcamp What was the very first record you bought? The Sisters of Mercy. Floodland. What is the most expensive record have you bought? Fields of the Nephilim. Elizium. Japanese Edition. What are your 5 very favorite bands ever? Fields… Keep Reading


13 Questions to Raf Ahráyeph (Ahráyeph)

Raf Ahráyeph Ahráyeph On Facebook Raf Ahráyeph On Bandcamp What was the very first record you bought? Kiss – Dynasty What is the most expensive record you have bought? Metallica – Fucking Nuts; a double vinyl bootleg of their 1984 Aardschokdag gig. Cost five times as much as a standard vinyl double live album even… Keep Reading

13 Questions to Ike Vil (Sleep Of Monsters)

Ike Vil – Voice (Sleep Of Monsters – Babylon Whores) Sleep Of Monsters Official   Facebook What was the very first record you bought? Some rockabilly album I’ve forgotten! What is the most expensive record have you bought? Probably some Misfits bootleg in the early 90’s What are your 5 very favorite bands ever Dead Moon,… Keep Reading


NEAR EARTH ORBIT – End Of All Existence LIVE

The driving forces behind the Merciful Nuns, Artaud Seth and Whispers in the Shadow’s Ashley Dayour, have come together to produce a conceptual album based on the end of the world, which In the End of all Existence they have forecast for the 16 March 2034. Not only an audio treat, it also comes complete with… Keep Reading


Merciful Nuns – Thelema VIII

Incepted late 2009 as the “only legitimate successor” of Garden Of Delight, Merciful Nuns quickly build a solid and faithful fanbase with their dark and gloomy, modern day version of goth rock or “occult post goth”, as they like to describe it themselves. Their first release came in march 2010 and now, just under 6 years later,… Keep Reading


Chaos Research – Three | YouTube Complete Set

Chaos Research is electro-acoustic avant-garde act that combines elements from classical and electronic music and fuses them together with touches of German dark wave thrown in. Chaos Research began in Berlin, Germany in October 2003 as an experimental side project of Marko “Gravehill” Hautamäki from such bands as Majesty, Two Witches, ex-SinMasters and ex-Shade Factory,… Keep Reading


Exit To Eden – II

Founded in 2002 and hailing from Austria’s capital city Vienna, they have been labelled as Goth ‘n’ roll and on first listen, you can easily hear why this latest branch of Goth has been assigned to this exciting band. The Current line-up is Bernie (Vocals) Werner (Drums) Hernan (Bass) David (Guitars) and collectively they make… Keep Reading

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