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Decades – Decades

Decades - Decades (2013)Decades is a band from Toronto, Canada; and they are doing a very fine and melodic Post Punk / Shoegaze mixed with 80’s New Wave, and some dark Dream-Pop. Their sound is really smooth, full of dreamy passages, emotive melodies, passion, and this is a very interesting debut album. This new band shows here an entrancing musicianship, a fine execution and the song, writing in this album is very good.

I really enjoyed this one since the first listening because of its pretty catchy organic sound; and somehow I feel that this band could jump into the Alternative mainstream market in the future. And that’s not a bad thing; I said this because they have quality, and the mainstream alternative media has tracking the underground scene, looking for Post Punk bands since the early years of The New Millennium. This could be a good moment for Decades, and I wish them good luck because they are really talented; and certainly this band has great potential and a promising future.

“Tonight Again” is an explosion of energetic and re-invigorated 80’s Post Punk-New Wave, and it’s a top quality track. “Any Wonder” is more oriented to Shoegaze. The production in this album is definitely high-standard stuff; because we can appreciate loud and clear the sound coming out of every instrument here. And it’s a pretty detailed work; the entire band shines in this song.

“Celebrate” is pure energy; and this song is well-balanced thanks to the addition of some well-placed melodic passages. “Old And Aging” is simply great Shoegaze sound with captivating slow pace and almost ethereal moments. And this record gets even better with the fantastic 80’s New Wave sound of “Only After”, this song is really touching and it embraces you with this warm melody, it could be a powerful single.

“In Sequins” is just sublime; and the vocal performance is full of passion. This song is emotive to the max; great track. “Move Me” Is passionate Post Punk; the voice depicts a subtle mix of nostalgia and intensity. “Can You Love Now” is more energetic; it has catchy and melodic chorus and great guitar riffs. “For From Me” has a pretty relaxing mood and delicious harmonies; it’s Post Punk music made for your listening pleasure. And they go light-speed with the vertiginous song called “Washed” And this is an excellent conclusion for this album.

I really enjoyed this one; Decades displays here an astonishing combination of Shoegaze, New Wave and Post Punk. It’s a great balance between classic sound and the modern approach to this kind of music styles; we have here a very talented band and top-quality production. Definitely this record has quality, and it’s really worth to check it out. ► by  Daniel Olvera


LowCityRain – LowCityRain

LowCityRain is the poetic name Markus Siegenhort, from post metal band Lantlôs, has chosen for his new solo project, name and album,


Ash Code – Oblivion

A new gem coming from Italy, and released on the label Swiss Dark Nights, also the home of Geometric Vision with whom