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Nun – Evoke The Sleep (Official Video)

NUN manages to convince with their first release, with a very good use of synths and electronic sounds and beats. The vocals are definitely a good point: used with different styles throughout the album and totally uninhibited. For lovers of new wave, minimal wave and 80’s atmospheres, as the album is full of 80’s references… Keep Reading

Night Sins – To London Or The Lake

Night Sins is back only a year after the release of their first album, to present their new LP on Avant! Records. “To London or the Lake” is a short album of Dark Wave/Gothic Rock, keeping things simple and straight-to-the-point, and it’s tremendously effective! No time to lose, the album starts with “Air Dance” and… Keep Reading

The KVB – Out of Body

Formed in 2010 as a shoe-gaze/minimal electro duo, Nicholas Wood and Kat Day have left deep impressions on the moody psyche of modern music, reviving the shoe-gaze genre of the early 90’s. The dreamy corridors of the Out of Body EP are riddled with dark corners of melancholic, romantic passageways. The first track All Around… Keep Reading

Manic Depression Records

Manic Depression is an artist-friendly independent record label, mailorder and live promoter based in Paris, France. Basically formed in 1998 by Manic Lio, surrounded by Vincent, JL Manic joined the team in 2005. First focusing on the French Post Punk, goth and related scene (Violet Stigmata, In Memoria, Deadchovsky, Wallenberg, Jacquy Bitch, Frustration), Manic Depression… Keep Reading


Three Winters – Chroma

Last year we published the review of the previous work of Three Winters; “Atrocities” and I gladly received this electro-atmospheric sound of theirs, because it is very interesting and entrancing. Back then I described their sound as: Retro-futuristic, Cinematic Synth-Wave. I have to say that “retro” is because this music made me think about the… Keep Reading

Qual – Sable

Qual is the solo project of bassist and co-vocalist William Morris of the phenomenal group Lebanon Hanover. To begin with, let me point out that this album is just Gothic (with a capital G) as FUCK in terms of subject matter, execution, and composition. These elements may do little to persuade purists who would view… Keep Reading

The Woken Trees – NNON

What is it nowadays about the sublime Goth/Post punk of Scandinavia, which just seems to go from strength to strength?. With NNON by the Copenhagen based sextet The Woken Trees, we have an almost perfect example of how bleak meets raw power. From the opening bars of the thundering opener “Orders” to the fading out of… Keep Reading


Lebanon Hanover – Hollow Sky (Official Video)

Lebanon Hanover On Facebook Buy this record. Lebanon Hanover are Larissa Iceglass (born July 24, 1988) and William Maybelline (born March 15, 1986) The duo rose in Williams bedroom in Sunderland, UK in July 2010. Both members with a strong longing for nostalgia and severe fears of the inevitable decaying future decided to disapprove with… Keep Reading

Moth – First Second

They describe it simple; and it is (really) like this: Synth Punk- Cold Wave (At its very finest!). Everything here it’s just like black velvet: An entrancing combination of darkness, elegance, evocative sonic-landscapes, passion, and lost romance. Moth was formed back in 2012, and this new band is highly talented; and they have released a… Keep Reading

Schonwald – Dream For The Fall

“Dream for the Fall…” were the first words moaned on this album, and it perfectly sums the concepts and imagery portrayed on the first track Crystallized; an endless waltz of shadows. The music itself feels like cascading through a dream, hypnotic, entrancing and maliciously delicate. The dream endures into chaos with Deep Metals, an amazing… Keep Reading

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