Goth Covered – 33 Post Gothic Covers You Should Know

33 POST GOTHIC Covers you should know is now online, thanks to every band involved ➤ Remember to mark “0” to get free the compilation. This is a free download compilation. This is a non-profit project. I would like to thank all bands involved in this amazing and different project. DOWNLOAD HERE ➤ DOWNLOAD 

➤ All the bands have Bandcamp and Facebook sites, check them out if you still don’t know them.

The Amazing Photo by Zsolt T. Szajbely

And After the critically acclaimed POST GOTHIC You Should Know (with 99 tracks *originally were 10 songs but one band decided to be removed from the compilation) I am working on the POST GOTHIC Yous Should Know vol. II. You can send us your track on WAV file to ➤ Remember to mark “0” to get free the compilation. Download for free POST GOTHIC You Should Know


Sonsombre – Lights Out (Official Video)

On 9th December, Cleopatra Records released Sonsombre’s first video single entitled “Lights Out” from their much anticipated third full-length album “One Thousand Graves”.