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We are looking for new collaborators

We are currently looking for new talented collaborators –  reviewers. Gothic Rock has become one the most important independent Goth Music medias worldwide and for this reason we’ll need more help to spread out all the material that’s coming out. We need someone located in Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, USA Vey high or native English level… Keep Reading


The Wake – Masked

Twenty two years ago (I was in denial about how long ago) Cleopatra Records released a classic Gothic rock masterpiece called Masked, the first full length album from the Ohio based band The Wake. This album is aggressive, a controlled fire, manic and dark in it’s delivery from Richard Witherspoon’s sonic guitar distortion to Troy Payne’s… Keep Reading


Children On Stun – The Marquee – 23/03/1994

In memory of Simon Manning I have uploaded the complete recording of this memorable gig for free download/distribution. The file is a wmv file and is 5GB in size. The recording runs at around 45mims in length. It will be cumbersome to download! Please remember that this material is rescued from a degraded master tape.… Keep Reading


The Garden Of Delight

Official Facebook Page: Garden of Delight Part One: 1991 – 1997 1991-1997 Preface: Our research for a competent and effective statement for The Garden Of Delight Information Service finally ended as this biography had found it´s way in the D.F. bureau. There were a few publications like this in the past but most of them… Keep Reading


The Shallow Graves – Signs with Gothic Music Records

After their highly recommend gothic rock album “Smoke Screen To Your Broken Dream” the German duo The Shallow Graves jumped into Gothic Music Records family tree, their upcoming album “Breathing Prayers And Echoes Of Goodbyes” will be released after summer. Expect one the best gothic rock albums this year so far. Check out The Shallow Graves on Facebook.… Keep Reading


Les Fleurs Du Mal – Covered The Handsome Family

The Swedish gothic rock act Les Fleurs Du Mal just posted the following statement on their official Facebook: You know that television series True Detective? We liked that. You know during the opening credits there was a great song that really set the atmosphere? Well, that song was Far From Any Road and was written and… Keep Reading

All Hallows Eve – All Hallows Eve

I’m really enthusiastic about this new project; All Hallows Eve is here with this amazingly well-done blend of Gothic Rock and Dark Wave. This project was founded by Tom O’Connell (Ex-Garden Of Delight) and Lars Kappeler (Sweet Ermengarde), Mike Shaw joined with them some time later. This idea evolved and now All Hallows Eve is… Keep Reading

Fields of the Nephilim – Scarecrow famous picture by Paul Harries signed limited editions for sale

The photographer Paul Harries posted on his Facebook that the Fields Of The Nephilim – Scarecrow famous picture will be for sale as signed limited editions. “I am pleased to present this Limited Edition Print in association Carl McCoy, enigmatic frontman of Fields Of The Nephilim. Each print will be personally signed by Carl McCoy and signed, numbered and… Keep Reading



September 25th – 27th 2015 14 bands – 3 Clubnights BUY TICKETS FACEBOOK – OFFICIAL SITE The Last Dance Whispers In the Shadow Winter Severity Index The Last Cry Grooving In Green October People Age Of Heaven The Stompcrash Yabanci Long Night Drama Queen Last Dusk Horror Vacui NU:N Once again the Saturday night at this… Keep Reading


LUMOUS GOTHIC FESTIVAL XV – Päiväkohtainen ohjelma 02.-05.07.2015 Tampere, Finland Ennakkomyyntipisteet: Tampere: Cybershop, Hämeenkatu 10 Swamp Music, Tuomiokirkonkatu 32 Helsinki: Cybershop, Kampin liikekeskus Nettimyynti: HERE **Ennakkoliput myynnissä Klubin iltakeikoille, tarjolla erillisliput perjantaille ja lauantaille, sekä 2-pv yhteislippu tarjoushintaan 35 Euroa (+ mahdolliset toimituskulut). Aloitussaunaan ja Industrial Soundtrack For The Urban Decay- elokuvan näytökseen liput vain… Keep Reading


Godless Procession – Godless Procession

Godless Procession probably is one of the most authentic Latin American bands ever, i got hooked with their sound since the first listening. You’ll never find a band like them, non from now, neither from the past. Even when your read on their official biography their own musical backgrounds, i said, “no my dear friends,… Keep Reading


The Sister Of Mercy – 30th Anniversary Vinyl Box Set

The Sisters of Mercy – First And Last And Always box set: Availability: July 24, 2015 PRE-ORDER NOW TRACKLIST First and Last and Always Side One 1. “Black Planet” 2. “Walk Away” 3. “No Time To Cry” 4. “A Rock And A Hard Place” 5. “Marian” Side Two 6. “First And Last And Always” 7.… Keep Reading

Still Patient? – Selective Perception

Here’s some new stuff by Still Patient? and they’re back with this great EP and renewed strength. In my personal experience “Cataclysm” was the first Still Patient? album that I listened back in the day (those glorious 90’s!) Since then I noticed how the band was moving forward, giving new twists to their sound (You know:… Keep Reading

Christine Plays Viola – Vacua

The waiting has come to an end and we have here the latest release by this great Gothic Rock band: Christine Plays Viola. The previous release “Innocent Awareness” is a kaleidoscopic and entrancing experience and after releasing two promos, the new full-length has been revealed. Christine Plays Viola is a very innovative band with lots… Keep Reading


Merciful Nuns – Exoplanet EP + Single

Merciful Nuns have a new EP (and a forthcoming album) and this band is like an unlimited source of great Gothic Rock; the discography of Merciful Nuns has been growing year after year, and their releases are really worth to have them, because this is high quality Gothic Rock of The new Millennium. This EP… Keep Reading


Draconian Incubus – Suicide Revelations (Official Video)

We’ll probably never witness a Draconian Incubus reunion but this band made a truly classic and probably they didn’t expect people would say to them years after, “you made the best Gothic Rock album in years”. Another band has fade away, but their outstanding testimony was resurrected by myself because they deserved it. I never imagined… Keep Reading


Two Witches – Goodevil

Two Witches is the most well-known Gothic Rock band coming out from the underground scene of Finland. This classic band has been active for decades doing great music, music with heart and soul of its own. If there’s some adequate term to describe the music of Two Witches, it is dark Gothic Rock. The music… Keep Reading


Kalt – The Sister (Official Video)

The Ex- Garden of Delight axeman Mike York has returned with his solo project called Kalt, and he brings a second brand new album entitled “The Invisible” which is quite different from its predecessor “Der Sturm” . The song “The Sister” was selected as a single / video clip.  Also in short news Kalt will take part of my annual compilation “This is… Keep Reading

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