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Country of origin: Australia Year of creation: 1991 – present City/ Location: Melbourne Official site: Members: Chris McCarter (vocals, guitars, programming), Dino Molinaro (bass), Clifford Ennis (guitar), David Burns (drums). Related Bands: Jerusalem Syndrome, Crimes of Passion, Subterfuge. Official biography The Beginning Chris McCarter and Dino Molinaro met in English class at Geoghegan College… Keep Reading


Feeding Fingers – Your Candied Laughter Crawls (Official Music)

Feeding Fingers – Your Candied Laughter Crawls – New single from Feeding Fingers. Written, produced & recorded across three countries – Germany, Austria & Italy during the Autumn & Winter of 2014. DOWNLOAD / STREAM THE SINGLE & B-SIDE Frontman, Justin Curfman returns with the group’s first release since their previous, 4th studio album, “The Occupant”… Keep Reading


She Past Away – Narin Yalnizlik

Fans and Djs of the current Goth music climate have been salivating for the new album to be released by these rising underground titans. The first LP Belirde Gece hit foggy dance floors across the world with its strong early Sisters/Cure influences mixed with tasteful amounts of Darkwave. Singer Volken Caner’s vocal delay reverberates through… Keep Reading

All Hallows Eve – All Hallows Eve

I’m really enthusiastic about this new project; All Hallows Eve is here with this amazingly well-done blend of Gothic Rock and Dark Wave. This project was founded by Tom O’Connell (Ex-Garden Of Delight) and Lars Kappeler (Sweet Ermengarde), Mike Shaw joined with them some time later. This idea evolved and now All Hallows Eve is… Keep Reading


LUMOUS GOTHIC FESTIVAL XV – Päiväkohtainen ohjelma 02.-05.07.2015 Tampere, Finland Ennakkomyyntipisteet: Tampere: Cybershop, Hämeenkatu 10 Swamp Music, Tuomiokirkonkatu 32 Helsinki: Cybershop, Kampin liikekeskus Nettimyynti: HERE **Ennakkoliput myynnissä Klubin iltakeikoille, tarjolla erillisliput perjantaille ja lauantaille, sekä 2-pv yhteislippu tarjoushintaan 35 Euroa (+ mahdolliset toimituskulut). Aloitussaunaan ja Industrial Soundtrack For The Urban Decay- elokuvan näytökseen liput vain… Keep Reading

We Are Waves – Labile

Ah, 80’s nostalgia…And more! When listening to this album created by We Are Waves, it was impossible to resist to the nostalgic feeling. I was literally transported to that time of my childhood, when the radio at my home was tuned in “Rock 101”; and the sound waves flew through the air carrying the sounds… Keep Reading


The Beauty of Gemina – The Myrrh Sessions

When I noticed that The Beauty of Gemina was planning to make some kind of acoustic album, I was trying to imagine how that would sound, because they use a lot of samplers in their music. To be honest, I usually am very disappointed with these kind of acoustic albums. In 99% of bands who… Keep Reading


Ash Code – Oblivion

A new gem coming from Italy, and released on the label Swiss Dark Nights, also the home of Geometric Vision with whom similarities are obvious, Oblivion is Ash Code’s first album. Behind the name Ash Code, Alessandro and Claudia, two youngsters with a clear talent in writing and playing catchy dark tunes. After a short… Keep Reading

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