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Feeding Fingers – Polaroid Papercuts (Official Video)

“Polaroid Papercuts”, the second single release from Feeding Fingers in 2015 with accompanying music video and preview of their forthcoming 5th studio album, Attend. Written, recorded and produced across nine countries; Italy, Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Poland, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and the United States – spanning the course of slightly more… Keep Reading


Geometric Vision – Virtual Analog Tears

The musical climate of these past few years has shifted from the resurgence of Post-punk to an enigmatic Post-punk/Darkwave hybrid; drifting into realms of drum machines, tasteful amounts of haunting keyboards, and dreamy guitars submerged in echo-delay. Though the first half of the album has some of the band’s best work in my opinion, the… Keep Reading

Hausfrau – Night Tides (Official Video)

HAUSFRAU is the solo project of Glasgow-based musician and artist Claudia Nova. Adhering to a spare, minimalist aesthetic, the music of HAUSFRAU balances its cold electronic veneer with the emotive, soulful expression of Nova’s voice. Transitioning deftly from a delicate whisper to a soaring, controlled serenade, Nova brings breathtaking depth and emotion to the sparse… Keep Reading

She Past Away – Asimilasyon (Official Video)

Asimilasyon (Assimilation) was the first track I heard from this release through the official video. This track definitely tips its hat to their first album with its already distinguishable Darkwave technique and intense pace.. ► by Dj Detra Kamera, fotoğraf : Emre Uzer Lyrics Koru kendini bu veba yayılıyor Her yerde örümcekler Hadi kazı mezarını… Keep Reading


Waterglass ‎– WisdomLikeSilence

Waterglass is a very experienced Darkwave – Gothic band; and they started to work together back in 1991. They mention amongst their influences to artists like The Cure, Echo and The Bunnymen, The Danse Society, The Smiths and to lots of other very important bands from the 80’s and 90’s. With those years of work in… Keep Reading


FREE DOWNLOAD Compiled by Gothic Rock Magazine crew and as another Oskar Terramortis‘s idea we spread the word on our social media, the compilation was released on January 24th by Gothic Music Records, 33 GOTH BANDS YOU SHOULD KNOW has now more than 3000 downloads. The idea was to make these series of compilations to show all the… Keep Reading

Night Sins – To London Or The Lake

Night Sins is back only a year after the release of their first album, to present their new LP on Avant! Records. “To London or the Lake” is a short album of Dark Wave/Gothic Rock, keeping things simple and straight-to-the-point, and it’s tremendously effective! No time to lose, the album starts with “Air Dance” and… Keep Reading


Johnathan | Christian – Beautiful Hideous

With this first album, the Swedish Johnathan | Christian are delivering a real display of Darkwave elegance. The ability to produce extremely polished songs, solid and catchy, strikes the most. The production is immaculate, but the vocals bring warmth and exudes soulful tremors (“Fallen”). “Before the Dark”, a cover of French “dark” pop diva Mylène… Keep Reading


Monica Richards – Kindred

I have great respect and admiration towards Monica Richards and her awesome work in the underground scene. She is very talented: singer, composer, writer, graphic designer and illustrator. Monica has earned a true iconic status in the underground scene. I discovered her music in the mid 90’s with Faith And The Muse, sometime later I… Keep Reading


Estilo Internacional – Retrofutura

Estilo Internacional is a band coming out from Madrid, Spain. Their name seems to be inspired in some architectonic movement which is part of the modern style, in the 20th Century. This is a Post Punk / New Wave band with lyrics in Spanish, and at the first glance the type of voice, and the… Keep Reading


Chaos Research – Signs with Gothic Music Records

Chaos Research is electro-acoustic avant-garde act that combines elements from classical and electronic music and fuses them together with touches of German dark wave thrown in. Chaos Research began in Berlin, Germany in October 2003 as an experimental side project of Marko “Gravehill” Hautamäki from such bands as Majesty, Two Witches, ex-SinMasters and ex-Shade Factory, among… Keep Reading

Qual – Sable

Qual is the solo project of bassist and co-vocalist William Morris of the phenomenal group Lebanon Hanover. To begin with, let me point out that this album is just Gothic (with a capital G) as FUCK in terms of subject matter, execution, and composition. These elements may do little to persuade purists who would view… Keep Reading

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