Sorry, Heels – The Accuracy Of Silence

Sorry, Heels - The Accuracy Of SilenceSorry, Heels have released two EP.’s to date: “Wasted” and “Distances” and the band is evolving, bringing to the audiences of today some of the best modern-day Post Punk & Shoegaze music, and it is mixed with 90’s Indie Rock, almost ethereal elements of Dream Pop, and even you can appreciate in the background to some sublime Gothic guitar chords. In a nut shell: The sound of Sorry Heels is very charming combination of different styles of Dark Music, and it is perfectly balanced. Or as I said: This band make me nostalgic about the alternative sound of early 90’s… 90’s alternative sound , before 90’s alternative sound sucked so bad.

Sorry, Heels make me think about the good ones; bands such as Sonic Youth (“Evol”, “Dirt”, “Experimental Jet set Trash And No Star” era), Sky Cries Mary, Mazzy Star, Portishead…combined with the absolute 80’s classics; the likes of The Cure, Joy Division, Wire, The Smiths, etc.

This seems really good, and believe me…It is THAT good!

The band experienced a notorious evolution from the first, to the second E.P., and this debut album has arrived in the right time, because the band have a pretty good background and experience, and their sound is getting better, they have a flair for doing some of the most captivating and contagious Post Punk music.

Post Punk-Shoegaze has been experienced a very interesting revival in The New Millennium, you can find lots of very interesting and talented bands in the underground scene of today; and certainly Sorry Heels is here to claim their own niche in the current post Punk scene. Their arguments: Two very well-produced E.P.’s; and now here’s their first full length album with Gothic Music Records. The accuracy of Silence is melodically dark and trance inducing, it is a very pleasant experience for everyone who loves Dark Music…Enjoy! ► by  Daniel Olvera

Sorry, Heels – The Accuracy Of Silence (2015)
Gothic Music Records
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