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Interview with The Stompcrash

Interview with The Stompcrash (the first two questions conducted by email, due to the tape snapping after the original interview was conducted) Raven and The Gothicfox (Andy):  You’ve done a number of collaborations on your songs, do you have plans for any more? The Stompcrash (Chris): We don’t know, we are working on new songs and… Keep Reading

Still Patient? – Shape Shifters

Back in the day we gave you the review of “Selective Perception“, a 2014 release by this classic Goth rock band called Still Patient?, they came back with renewed energy and some new textures and sounds, and the result was really good. One year later they are here with a new full-length album… (Goth) ROCK… Keep Reading


Double Elvis – Inland Chronicles

Double Elvis started as a band in 2008, and has just released a first album : Inland Chronicles. Drummer Matt Walker (Smashing Pumpkins, Garbage, Morrissey) is special guest on the album, giving the band credit to play in the big league. The record starts with “Akasaka Moon”, a very well played, well done, well produced,… Keep Reading

Sorry, Heels – In Love With Silence (Official Video)

This band make me nostalgic about the alternative sound of early 90’s… 90’s alternative sound , before 90’s alternative sound sucked so bad. Sorry, Heels make me think about the good ones; bands such as Sonic Youth (“Evol”, “Dirt”, “Experimental Jet set Trash And No Star” era), Sky Cries Mary, Mazzy Star, Portishead…combined with the absolute… Keep Reading


FREE DOWNLOAD Compiled by Gothic Rock Magazine crew and as another Oskar Terramortis‘s idea we spread the word on our social media, the compilation was released on January 24th by Gothic Music Records, 33 GOTH BANDS YOU SHOULD KNOW has now more than 3000 downloads. The idea was to make these series of compilations to show all the… Keep Reading


Still Patient? – We Come In Peace (Official Video)

Taken from the album SHAPE SHIFTERS (2015) Filmed 2014 at Camden Town London UK + Sacrosanct 2014 Reading UK + The Face Bar Reading UK + The Butlers Reading UK Additional footage by Michael Nowakowski Gothic dancer: Una Shamaa ( For more information please visit: Keep Reading


Reactive Black – Upcoming Evil

Reactive Black is a talented and very innovative duo based in Hamburg. They have done a very interesting combination if musical styles, they are doing Gothic Rock with heavy guitars, their sound is dark, powerful, and very rich because they have mixed some electronic elements too (synths, drum machines), and a very assertive use of… Keep Reading

Canis Lupus – Shape Of The Ghost

Rising from the cold lands of Sweden; there’s the powerful howl of the Wolf: Canis Lupus first full length titled “Shape Of the Ghost”. Canis Lupus is doing some really fine Traditional Gothic Rock; it’s spiced with 90’s European-Dark Wave textures, some electronic percussion and synths which brings some special deepness to the sound of… Keep Reading


Johnathan | Christian – Beautiful Hideous

With this first album, the Swedish Johnathan | Christian are delivering a real display of Darkwave elegance. The ability to produce extremely polished songs, solid and catchy, strikes the most. The production is immaculate, but the vocals bring warmth and exudes soulful tremors (“Fallen”). “Before the Dark”, a cover of French “dark” pop diva Mylène… Keep Reading


Soviet Soviet – Fate

The underground scene of Italy is amazing. It has great tradition because it’s rooted in the 80’s, and it is one the biggest points of interest if you are into Post Punk, Gothic, Dark Punk, Death Rock, etc. The Italian bands keep me busy and I’m glad to listening to this non-stop flow of really… Keep Reading

The KVB – Out of Body

Formed in 2010 as a shoe-gaze/minimal electro duo, Nicholas Wood and Kat Day have left deep impressions on the moody psyche of modern music, reviving the shoe-gaze genre of the early 90’s. The dreamy corridors of the Out of Body EP are riddled with dark corners of melancholic, romantic passageways. The first track All Around… Keep Reading


Silene – All Our Yesterdays

If the thought of Karen Carpenter singing over a backing of classic Mission/ All about Eve style Gothic Rock then Finnish 5 piece Silene, headed by the soothing vocals of Katinka, may well be a band you should check out. When this album appeared on the reviewing desk, neither of us had ever heard of Silene, but… Keep Reading

Miazma – Miazma

Rewind to 2007 and gothic– director Oskar Terramortis discovers Swedish musician Kristian Olofsson via his band website under the name of Miazma. Oskar listens to a couple of tracks and stunned he then listens to all of the digital download albums on offer and is literally blown away. Messages are passed between them and Oskar offers… Keep Reading

Las Novias – Bokeh (Official Video)

Definitely this band called Las Novias have created their finest work to date; and I have to say that the previous works are pretty interesting. I want to invite to the non-Spanish listeners to give it a try to this album, you will find some awesome music here: Top quality production, tasty sound with great… Keep Reading

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