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13 Questions to Thomas Thyssen (Pagan Love Songs)

Thomas Thyssen Pagan Love Songs Darkness & Light Senior Press Promotion Manager @ Universal Music, Germany DJ – Show promoter – A+R Consultant What was the very first record you bought? My very first serious record was “First and Last and Always” by The Sisters of Mercy, the blueprint of what was later being… Keep Reading

Sorry, Heels – The Accuracy Of Silence | Complete Album Streaming

This band make me nostalgic about the alternative sound of early 90’s… 90’s alternative sound , before 90’s alternative sound sucked so bad. Sorry, Heels make me think about the good ones; bands such as Sonic Youth (“Evol”, “Dirt”, “Experimental Jet set Trash And No Star” era), Sky Cries Mary, Mazzy Star, Portishead…combined with the absolute 80’s… Keep Reading

Peter Murphy – Lion

A lion is an impressive and majestic creature, and those attributes could describe the career of Mr. Peter Murphy. He is definitely outside of the comfort zone of the “Legend” status: He is making new albums, he is still active as a live performer and he is an artist with a consolidated style. Peter Murphy… Keep Reading


Exit To Eden – II

Founded in 2002 and hailing from Austria’s capital city Vienna, they have been labelled as Goth ‘n’ roll and on first listen, you can easily hear why this latest branch of Goth has been assigned to this exciting band. The Current line-up is Bernie (Vocals) Werner (Drums) Hernan (Bass) David (Guitars) and collectively they make… Keep Reading

Star Industry – The Renegade

Belgium’s Star Industry have successfully delivered another slab of Vision Thing era Sisters, via The Merry Thoughts, Gothic Rock, with their 5th Full length Album, The Renegade. Packed full of catchy choruses, guitar riffs and keyboard wizardry matched with Peters excellent vocals, this album cements Star Industry’s place as the twenty-teen’s leading light in the… Keep Reading

Aeon Sable – Visions (Official Video)

Directed by Upie Guava Produced by Din-Tah Aeon and Nino Sable Camera & lighting assistant: Danny Ele Vator Post production by: Nicko Bhisma & Upie Guava Wardrobe reference by: Tessa Antonis Costume department: Fritzi Jewelry by Juliane Czorny (Doriel Design) Hair & Make-up by Aline Nüsser Locations: Cage Club Bottrop, Swimming Pool (@Jonathan Heintges) and… Keep Reading

God’s Own Medicine – Drachma

God’s Own Medicine is about to celebrate its 20 year anniversary, their debut album was released by the now legendary record label Hypnobeat in 1999; and they have done a total of six albums through the years. According to the information of the Bandcamp and Facebook profiles of this project; the only remaining member is Andy, and… Keep Reading

Dawn of Oblivion – Phoenix Rising

Formed in Sweden way back in 1991 the band have had many incarnations and released four albums, but now after a near on ten year hiatus they are back. The album kicks off in a goth/metal style with the guitar led epic ‘Demons of the Cross’ and almost immediately you can feel this will be… Keep Reading

Interview with Still Patient?

STILL PATIENT? … Now and then Classic Goth Rockers from the 90’s scene, doing some great music in the New Millennium. Still patient rises again, and they have a new album called “Shape Shifters” this album has an interesting combination of experience, and the excitement of being an active band again. They are ready and… Keep Reading


Hana Piranha – Dirty Arrows (Official Video)

Directed and Edited by Arron West Make-up and Special Effects Sara Bryant Camera and Lighting Assistant Dean Rielly With Thanks To Damian Friston Karl and Ann Friston Katy Hay Andrew Armstrong George Day Video Produced by We Were Here Creations LYRICS He bought me with a devil’s kiss, so glamorous I sold my soul for… Keep Reading

Disjecta Membra – Death by Discotheque (Remixes)

It’s been a little over eighteen months since we released a ‘single edit’ version of ‘Death by Discothèque’ as a free download in December 2013, backed with the stomping synthpop remix from one of the great pillars of European electro-industrial dance music, Leæther Strip. The single’s release commemorated twenty years since I first persuaded a… Keep Reading

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