Captain Heroin – Inhuman

Captain-Heroin---Inhuman-Well, I have to say that this is NOT Gothic Rock; this one is for the adventurous ears and open-minded listeners who can appreciate to this exotic, cinematic, futuristic, (sometimes) abstract, and experimental experience.

Captain Heroine works with synths and atmospheres in a very arty and experimental way; this artist called Fredrik Willberg from Helsinki, Finland draws fascinating and immersive instrumental soundscapes, and actually this is awesome because you will be trying something really different here: Every track is like a door that will take you to something unexpected, something that could be a great surprise.

And every cut is really different from each other: “Background People” has tribal sound, ”Dog Chase” has this jazzy contrabass, with that electronic background sound, “Halt” is something like a retro-futuristic score; it could fit very well for a sci-fi flick from the 80’s, “Haunted” is totally cinematic and it has suspense, “Magellan” is a total trip of minimalistic electronics and drone, “Naggers Correlation” is pretty experimental and trippy, “Penetration” is eerie electronics and sounds great; and finally “Sin Ray” adds some guitar and bass to the electronic experimentation and is really interesting.

As I said before this is for open-minded listeners; and I recommend this record for people who are really into electronic music, if you like the stuff from Minimal Wave Records you will enjoy to this album created by Captain Heroin. This is really Avant Garde Stuff, and it’s quite interesting and you will find something different (and really good!) here. ► by Daniel Olvera


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