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Canis Lupus

The story of…

Andreas (drums), Daniel L. (bass), Daniel S. (guitar) and Robert (vocal) met in 1999 at ”Augustibuller”, a later summer rockfestival in Lindesberg, and decided to form a band inspired by the music of The Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim, The Mission and others. Later the same month, after speaking with Andreas and Robert at a local pub, Christer teamed up with Canis Lupus becoming their second guitar player and backup vocalist. The same autumn Daniel S. left the band to do his military service and was replaced by Tony. Canis Lupus was now looking for a keyboard player and Christer suggested Anna.

The other members accepted, and so did she. Short before Halloween 1999 Canis Lupus had a first full line-up. Two months later Canis Lupus went to record their self-titled first demo. Six songs, “Dies Nox et Omnia”, “Subsequent Fear”, “Stay Dead”, “Mountain of Fire”, “The Hands of a Storm” and “Silent Symphony” was recorded and final mixed in only 14 hours. Canis Lupus has since referred to the demo as “14 Hours of Pain”. Only a month after the recording session Anna told the band that she had to spend some of her time I Malmoe working. Canis Lupus then needed a stand in keyboard player and the choice fell on Emelie. She was an early fan of Canis Lupus that had helped them with some back-up vocals on their first demo and now she was showing interest in joining them.

In April 2000, Daniel L. revealed a secret. He was to become a father again and needed some time off from the band. Since Canis Lupus already had booked a concert I June they needed a temporary replacer for Daniel L, but they were running out of time. Only two weeks before the concert Christer told Mikael about their problem and he offered his help. The line-up for the concert I June included both keyboard players and Mikael on bass. Short after, both Daniel L. and Anna was back full time with Canis Lupus again. Throughout the summer 2000 went slowly and not much was happening, except for one delicate matter.

Anna had decided to move to Gothenburg and needed to be permanently replaced. At the time Daniel S. had ended his military service and apart from being a good guitarist he also were an even better keyboard player. Canis Lupus now had two keyboard players to choose between. Both highly qualified and both dying to be a part of Canis Lupus. Should the band choose Daniel S, an original member or Emelie, the helping hand I a difficult situation? The member’s opinion was split in two. One thing was sure. Anna was leaving and a last concert with her was planned, Augustibuller. The same festival where the band started one year earlier was to be Crazy Faeries last performance with Canis Lupus. During the rehearsals a few weeks before the festival Canis Lupus members had made up their minds: Daniel S. was replacing Anna. The concert went on as planned.

Both Anna and Emelie played keyboards and at the end of the show Robert pronounced the change in the line-up, Daniel S. entered the stage and placed himself behind Anna’s keyboard while she walked up to Robert’s microphone and introduced the shows last song, “Away with the Faeries”, a song by Incubus Sukkubus that Anna had insisted on singing as a farewell-song. After the concert Canis Lupus now had a new line-up that did not include Emelie. Everything seemed to be fine, when in August Tony over the telephone told Christer that he was leaving the band. All the latest month’s’ trouble with the line-up, the different stand ins, and what he thought to be a bad organization, had tempted his patience and he no longer wanted to be a part of Canis Lupus. Christer contacted Andreas and Robert to find a solution and one week later they had an idea: Reinstate Daniel S. as the guitar player he original was and contact Emelie to see if she was still interested to play with Canis Lupus, only now as a permanent member.

The idea was good but Emelie hesitated. She was not happy about being rejected the last time when competing with Daniel S. and she felt uncomfortable playing with Canis Lupus again. Nevertheless she promised to think about it. After three weeks she answered and the answer was YES. Canis Lupus once again had a full line-up. The winter passed quietly as Canis Lupus wrote songs and rehearsed for their new demo. Three songs were to be recorded at the same studio where the first demo was made. Finally it was time to move. In the months of March and April “Believer” containing “Into Oblivion”, “Burn Bleed Die” and “A Dream Undone” was recorded. But then again the joy was again about to end.

In May Emelie and Daniel L. told the rest of the group that they, for different reasons, thought about leaving the band. Emelie’s stage fright had almost made her a nervous wreck in days before every new concert and Daniel L. wanted to play far more brutal music then he was able to do in Canis Lupus. Fortunately, since the making of “Believer” Canis Lupus had begun programming backtracks to each song they made, and by programming Emelie’s parts in every song there was no need for a new keyboard player to enter the band. But Daniel L. was a different matter. Nobody wanted programed bass lines, and a new bass player, fitting the bands profile, was not in sight.

canis-lupus-recieverAndreas and Robert came up with an idea that Christer and Daniel S. agreed to. -Ask Tony, they said. So they did and he accepted. In June Canis Lupus had a new bass player and once again a full lineup. Their fourth. Finally there were peace and calm in Canis Lupus and after Tony’s return to the band they started working on their new demo. “Receiver” was decided to be the second in a trilogy. Again three songs were chosen and throughout September and October 2001 Canis Lupus recorded “Burning the Green”, “F.Y.” and “An Angleheart Swept Aside”. This time they worked all by themselves in the studio with no other involved, not even behind the desk. After the recording sessions the line-up was still intact.

deceiverTo complete the trilogy Canis Lupus started working on “Deceiver” soon after “Receiver” was released. “Calling”, “Symmetry” and “Calling (skyline mix)” were recorded the same way as the latest demo. Canis Lupus did all the work in the studio by themselves with one exception. On “Calling” They used a female backup vocalist, Lisa. After the demo was finished Lisa was a fulltime member of Canis Lupus and their fifth line-up was ready to rock. The end of 2002 to the start of 2003 (August – January) Canis Lupus was in and out of the studio to record their fifth demo.

lights-my-passThe three song theme suited them well and for “Lights May Pass” they recorded “Levitation”, “Sedative” and “Close Your Eye”. Again they chose to work alone in the studio. No one was to interfere with the songs or the sound. 1, 5 years of songwriting, concerts and partying passed, but in the autumn of 2004 they once again went into the studio. chasing-the-godsThis time four songs,

“Shine My Light”, “Alone”, “Black Magic Dance” and “Mantra”, were to be recorded. Several months later “Chasing the Gods”, Canis Lupus sixth demo, was finished. In early 2006 Canis Lupus went to the studio for the last time. A version of “Symmetry” from the demo “Receiver” was to be recorded together with Rikard Löfgren from Bay Laurel as producer and engineer. “Symmetry 2006”, was later selected for DigfiDemobanken’s collection-CD “Demobanken 2006” and was thereby the only song from Canis Lupus to be released on a “real” release during their active time.

In the spring of 2006 the Canis Lupus saga sadly ended. Or could have at least. An argument, mainly between two of the members, was now in full bloom. Loads of repressed aggression was let loose and lots of hard words were spoken to and about each other. Vocalist Robert decided to quit Canis Lupus and by that decision the band collapsed, even though several attempt to persuade Robert to return was made. None of them were successful. Tony, Christer and Andreas made an effort in the beginning to reconstruct Canis Lupus, without any luck. Daniel S moved to Thailand and have never returned since. Andreas began singing in a death-punk band, Christer went back to sing in his old punk-rock band and Tony moved to Gothenburg. Canis Lupus went silent…

Canis Lupus - Shape of the Ghost (2013)Many years past… Fans all over the world started to put out home made videos with Canis Lupus songs on Youtube. Andreas noticed it and started commenting on the videos, communicating with the fans. One of them, Oskar Terramortis, from Finland, had a record company and he decided to put out a record with songs from the old demo records. And finally, in the darkest fall of 2013 ”The Shape of the Ghost” was released. More the seven years after Robert left and Canis Lupus became a ghost. Almost immediately after the release Canis Lupus was contacted from numerous promoters all over Europe the play at clubs and festivals. The problem was, of course, that there was no functional band left, only a drummer, a bass player and a guitarist. So, once again, Andreas, Tony and Christer set out for a restart.

In 2014 an old song was detected from a recording that wasn’t finished in 2006, as well as a part of the lyrics for that song. Andreas completed the lyrics and with Christer behind the knobs in the studio he recorded vocals for the song ” Love in Isolation”. Back up vocals vas sung by Christer and Ylwa, a quiet punk gothic girl they picked up from the local music scene in Lindesberg. It sounded really good, but… Andreas never quite find himself at home with singing gothic rock. He thought himself as the drummer so the search went on. After trying out a pair of other singers, without any luck, Christer went to a private summer party as a sound engineer for a couple of bands. At the party he discovered Thomas, singing with a guitar playing friend in a cover/troubadour duo.

canis-lupusChrister liked his voice and his stage performance and thought he would fit for Canis Lupus and so, after a few months, he made his first nervous audition for the band. Thomas nervousness made it hard for him in the beginning, but when the song ”Black Magic Dance” was played something happened. It started to sound really good and so did the rest of the songs.

After two days rehearsing old songs they booked another audition with Thomas some weeks later and this time he nailed it from the beginning. This second audition was to last for two days and after the fist day Andreas, Tony and Christer went to eat pizza and talk about Thomas and what was up next. While eating they received a massage on the Canis Lupus Facebook page. It was Mikael, who helped them out as a stand in bass player years ago, offering to do an audition as a singer. Andreas text him saying that the spot was most probably already possessed, but… If he really wanted to be a part of Canis Lupus, maybe he should pick up the bass again, allowing Tony to play guitar instead.

If he could come to audition as soon as the next day it would be really nice. The next day came… Thomas showed up and after a while even Mikael. Many hours passed and in the end there was time for the regular rehearsal pizza. This time with Thomas and Mikael joining in.

After a lot of time eating and talking, about how much time everybody could afford spending on Canis Lupus, dreams, commitment and attitude towards the music and so on… Two decisions was made: Thomas was offered to become Canis Lupus new singer, and… Mikael was offered to become the new bass player, but, wise from earlier experience, with a big ”IF”. If Daniel S, by some reason, would come back from Thailand, as he was planning, and if he would still be interested in reuniting with Canis Lupus, he would be reinstated as the second guitarist and Tony should once again become the bass player. B

oth accepted and in November 2015, almost 10 years after the break up, Canis Lupus once again had a new rehearsing line up, almost ready to go on stage. But the search för a back up vocalist went on and had to be solved. Ylwa, the back up singer from ”Love in Isolation” was asked and declined because she was moving to study and had no chance to travel for rehearsals. Everyone in Canis Lupus was searching their network for the perfect candidate and finally, in early 2016, Mikael came up with a name: Ann. Ann was asked and she was interested. Mikael and Christer had a meeting with Ann, she was told what being a part of Canis Lupus ment and she was given all material for rehearsal by her own and a rehearsal with the band was planned. Due to work schedule the rehearsal was pushed forward and the date for a booked show, the first in ten years, came closer and closer.

The date for the show came, without Ann having a single minute with the whole band. The nervousness was beyond intense when Canis Lupus and their new back up vocalist met before the show they all gathered for soundcheck and a short go-through. And finally! All the excitement and expectations built up during the years of waiting and the months of hard work to get Canis Lupus rolling and on track again, was let loose on the night of May the 28th, 2016. An unforgettable night of sound, lights and smoke… Oh the smoke… The fire alarm went of and the fire brigade came to have a glimpse of a happy crowd and an even happier band. Well… Canis Lupus aren’t at all so gloomy as you could expect from a gothic rock band. So… Canis Lupus is now back on stage and on the road a couple of festivals, club gigs and private parts and a broke down tour car (you will probably be able to read about it



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