Canis Lupus – Shape Of The Ghost

Canis Lupus - Shape of the Ghost (2013)Rising from the cold lands of Sweden; there’s the powerful howl of the Wolf: Canis Lupus first full length titled “Shape Of the Ghost”. Canis Lupus is doing some really fine Traditional Gothic Rock; it’s spiced with 90’s European-Dark Wave textures, some electronic percussion and synths which brings some special deepness to the sound of the band, a very distinctive vocal tone, and what I really like about them is how they can manage the pace in their songs.

They are masters doing this: You have slow songs, mid-tempo tunes, and exciting Gothic Rock, everything sounds very consistent here. Canis Lupus is like some very well-tuned Goth Rock machinery, they are doing different revolutions and transitions in a very smooth way. Because of this “Shape Of A Ghost” feels like a non-stop experience, while going through the different paces and moods with those dominant guitars. For example, you have the electrifying Gothic Rock of “”Shine My Fire” right after the fine Dark Wave with electronic sounds of “Symetry”. “Alone is some refined Gothic Rock, it’s mid tempo with rich sound.

“Close Your Eyes” is simply brilliant, with its Danzig-like pace; the song is Dark and slightly heavy, with sharp guitars and electronic sound in the back ground. You will enjoy for sure to these nine tracks of well-crafted Gothic Rock.

In my personal book, I can add some extra points to this band because of their quest for a sound of their own, and certainly they have their own identity and a refreshing approach to the Gothic Rock genre. Canis Lupus is a perfect balance between sobriety, guitars and electricity. Relevant release here.  ► by Daniel Olvera

One of the best Swedish Goth acts with a long activity in the Scandinavian Goth Rock scene offer us their first official CD called “Shape Of The Ghost”, after almost 15 years of existence and 6 demo EP’s. Their music is best described as uncompromising guitar oriented Goth Rock with very unique melodies, haunting vocals, great guitar work and powerful drumming. The band equally emphasizes on power and melody in a perfect way.

They split up around 2006 and after many years of silence the new promising label Gothic Music Records got in contact with them and as a result their first full length album is a fact. “Shape Of The Ghost” contains 9 anthems of pure Goth Rock that will appeal to all fans of this kind of music. The tracks of the album are a selection from their demos “Lights May Pass“, “Chasing the Gods“ and “Deceiver”, while “Symmetry 2006” (which will blow your mind) is a new version of an old song featured on the compilation “Demobanken 2006”.

Special mention should be made to the mastering and the production of the album that allow the songs to sound fresh and powerful. If you like bands like Dreadful Shadows, Sisters of Mercy or even Sundown you are going to love Canis Lupus. This release comes in a deluxe digipack including a 20 pages booklet with lyrics, a full biography and rare photos of the band. A future release of the rest of their excellent tracks is scheduled by Gothic Music Records and will follow soon. by Fondas SumerSon


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