Before Bauhaus: How Goth Became Goth


Highly recommended point of view digging in the proto-goth sounds on this documentary that I  found on YouTube a week ago. A very remarkable mini-documentary that raises a lot of questions and is sure to teach you a few new things. Always have been controversy about the proto-goth because even in the goth scene is hard to digest many – “no way, that’s not goth enough”, I’ve seen it through the years, how people get into real nasty arguments trying to decide which is the really first goth band ever.

Jim Morrison in New York City, 1968. Photo by Yale Joel.

So, the Lizard King was the first Gothic Rocker ever according to the press back in the day, we are talking about 53 years ago, and something that I knew a long time ago. So this makes the Doors the first Gothic Rock band ever, of course, as I mentioned before – according to the press. But what about Elvis? I guess Jim Morrison and The Doors were more a proto-goth band than just rock n’ roll band for the masses. Do you remember Elvis back on 68?. Really well-done perspective about how the term “goth in music developed through the years” and Is a good enjoyable watch.

Elvis Presley’s ’68 Comeback Special (NBC) Airdate: Dec. 3, 1968 Directed by Steve Binder Shown: Elvis Presley


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